A growing list of occasional Weekend Projects, on a variety of topics, to help the novice collector of 78rpms


How to Package 78rpms This fool-proof, step-by-step guide to packaging 78rpms, will ensure a safe arrival of any package you send through the mail.
Using ClickRepair – A weekend project ClickRepair is a mature, well-tested, application for de-clicking and de-crackling audio in uncompressed audio files. It has been developed over a period of many years.
Getting Better Transfers from your 78s Here are a few tips to help you get better transfers from your 78s. It covers the basic process of transferring from cleaning your 78s to backup your final results.
USB Turntables – An Overview and How-to Guide The following step by step article may be of help to those who want to transfer their 78rpm record collection to digital files, but who are unsure on how to approach this.

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