This page displays the complete HMV, DB series, containing all HMV Red Seal, ‘DB’ 78rpms; beginning at DB-100 up to and including DB-21627, (which was the last issue in the British/International series) and the last 78rpm published in the DB series in our database so far.

Total Entries (of ‘DB’ recordings) [Including draft entries]: 8912

This index also includes numbers for Denmark, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and all other countries of issue as well as all known auto-coupling numbers. The index also features a very large sequence of matrix numbers (and published take numbers as well as serial numbers (from 1924 to 1934 approx.). (If you can help with missing matrix numbers – please create an account and update our editable database here.)

The DB series was initiated by H.M.V. in 1924 and continued production until the mid 1950’s, which with the introduction of the Long Play (Lp) record, ended production of the ‘DB’ 78rpm series.

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Rec. No/s
Rec. Date
DB 199 BATTISTINI Pieta, rispetti ‘Macbeth’ 234af 1912
DB 200 BATTISTINI Eri tu ‘Ballo in Maschera’ 886c 1907
DB 200 BATTISTINI/SILLICH Lo vedremo ‘Ernani’ 879c 1907
DB 201 BATTISTINI Di Provenza ‘Traviata’ 285ai 1911
DB 201 BATTISTINI/MOSCISCA Pura siccome ‘Traviata’ 225½af 1912
DB 202 BATTISTINI Come il romito fior ‘Amleto’ 267ai 1911
DB 202 BATTISTINI Brindisi ‘Amleto’ 272ai 1911
DB 203 BATTISTINI/MOSCISCA Decidi il mio destin ‘Pagliacci’ 221af 1912
DB 203 BATTISTINI/MOSCISCA E allor perche ‘Pagliacci’ 222af 1912
DB 204 BATTISTINI Ambo nati ‘Linda di Chamounix’ 217af 1912
DB 204 BATTISTINI/MOSCISCA O mia Gilda ‘Rigoletto’ 223af 1912
DB 205 BATTISTINI/PINI-CORSI Da quel di ‘Ernani’ 876c 1907
DB 205 BATTISTINI/PINI-CORSI/COLAZZA/SILLICH O sommo Carlo ‘Ernani’ 881c 1907
DB 206 BATTISTINI Amici, l’ora ‘Quo Vadis’ 227AF 1912
DB 206 BATTISTINI Mia sposa sara la mia bandiera (Rotoli) 291ai 1911
DB 207 BATTISTINI Cruda funesta ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’ 220af 1912
DB 207 BATTISTINI O lisbona ‘Don Sebastiano’ 885c 1907
DB 208 BATTISTINI Occhi di fata (Denza) 236af 1912
DB 208 BATTISTINI La Serenata (Tosti) 232ai 1911
DB 209 BATTISTINI Bella Italia ‘Per la Patria’ 866c 1907
DB 209 BATTISTINI Il mio Lionel ‘Marta’ 883c 1907
DB 210 BATTISTINI Quando amor m’accende ‘Africana’ 215af 1912
DB 210 BATTISTINI Averla tanto amata ‘Africana’ 216af 1912
DB 211 BATTISTINI Epitalamio ‘Nerone’ 235af 1912
DB 211 BATTISTINI O Febea ‘Quo Vadis’ 219af 1912
DB 212 BATTISTINI Era la notte ‘Otello’ 228af 1912
DB 212 BATTISTINI Te Deum ‘Tosca’ 270ai 1911
DB 213 BATTISTINI Amour, amour (Tosti) 269ai 1911
DB 213 BATTISTINI Ideale (Tosti) 289ai 1911
DB 214 BATTISTINI Delizia (Beethoven) 229af 1912
DB 214 BATTISTINI Le soir (Gounod) 268ai 1911
DB 215 BATTISTINI/JANNI D’acqua aspergimi ‘Thaïs’ 278ai 1911
DB 215 BATTISTINI/MOSCISCA Un bion servo ‘Linda di Chamounix’ 224af 1912
DB 216 BATTISTINI/DE WITT Ebrezza delirio ‘Gioconda’ CA 9 1921
DB 216 BATTISTINI/DE WITT/TACCANI O sommo Carlo ‘Ernani’ CA 7 1921
DB 217 DE LUCA Largo al factótum ‘Barbiere di Siviglia’ A19163 1917
DB 217 DE LUCA O de’ verd’anni miei ‘Ernani’ A18762 1916
DB 218 DE LUCA Eri tu ‘Ballo in Maschera’ A18761 1916
DB 218 DE LUCA Per me giunto ‘Don Carlos’ A25112 1921
DB 219 DE LUCA Di Provenza ‘Traviata’ A19549 1917
DB 219 DE LUCA Dio possente ‘Faust’ A22647 1919
DB 220 DE LUCA A tanto amor ‘Favorita’ A21494 1918
DB 220 DE LUCA Ah per sempre ‘Puritani’ A26417 1922
DB 221 DE LUCA Lascia ch’io piango ‘Rinaldo’ A21487 1918
DB 221 DE LUCA Vision figitive ‘Herodiade’ A22687 1919
DB 222 DESTINN O patria mia ‘Aida’ A14512 1914
DB 222 DESTINN Morro, ma prima ‘Ballo in Machera’ A24927 1921
DB 223 DESTINN Suicidio ‘Gioconda’ A14509-2 1914
DB 223 DESTINN Vissi d’arte ‘Tosca’ A14508-3 1914
DB 224 ELMAN Cavatina (Raff) Symphonie espagnole Op/21 (Lalo) -4th Movement

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