This page displays the complete HMV, DB series, containing all HMV Red Seal, ‘DB’ 78rpms; beginning at DB-100 up to and including DB-21627, (which was the last issue in the British/International series) and the last 78rpm published in the DB series in our database so far.

Total Entries (of ‘DB’ recordings) [Including draft entries]: 8912

This index also includes numbers for Denmark, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and all other countries of issue as well as all known auto-coupling numbers. The index also features a very large sequence of matrix numbers (and published take numbers as well as serial numbers (from 1924 to 1934 approx.). (If you can help with missing matrix numbers – please create an account and update our editable database here.)

The DB series was initiated by H.M.V. in 1924 and continued production until the mid 1950’s, which with the introduction of the Long Play (Lp) record, ended production of the ‘DB’ 78rpm series.

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Rec. No/s
Rec. Date
DB 174 GALLI-CURCI/DE LUCA Dite alla giovine ‘Traviata’ A21974 1918
DB 174 GALLI-CURCI/DE LUCA Imponete ‘Traviata’ A21976 1918
DB 175 RUFFO Cortigiani ‘Rigoletto’ 2735f 1908
DB 175 RUFFO/FINZI-MAGRINI Deh non parlare ‘Rigoletto’ 02535u 1913
DB 176 RUFFO/GALVANY Dite alla giovine ‘Traviata’ 546i 1907
DB 176 RUFFO/PARETO Lassu in cielo ‘Rigoletto’ 2733f 1908
DB 177 RUFFO/GALVANY Piangi fanciulla ‘Rigoletto’ 545i 1907
DB 177 RUFFO/ISCHIERDO Le minaccie ‘Forza del Destino’ 550i 1907
DB 178 RUFFO Per me giunto ‘Don Carlos’ 1318c 1908
DB 178 RUFFO Sei vendicata assai ‘Dinorah’ A14279-1 1914
DB 179 RUFFO Aman lassu le stelle ‘Cristoforo Colombo’ A14517 1914
DB 179 RUFFO Dunque ho sognato ‘Cristoforo Colombo’ A25213 1921
DB 180 RUFFO O monumento ‘Gioconda’ 459ai 1912
DB 180 RUFFO Pescator affonda l’esca ‘Gioconda’ 46lai 1912
DB 181 POLI-RANDACIO Un bel di ‘Madame Butterfly’ 1142aj 1919
DB 181 POLI-RANDACIO Senza Mamma ‘Suor Angelica’ 1143aj 1919
DB 182 POLI-RANDACIO Ebben? ‘La Wally’ 919aj 1919
DB 182 POLI-RANDACIO Ave Maria ‘Otello’ 1148aj 1919
DB 183 DE GOGORZA Eri tu ‘Ballo in Maschera’ A9677 1910
DB 183 DE GOGORZA Largo al factótum ‘Barbiere di Siviglia’ A6867 1909
DB 184 DE GOGORZA Il balen ‘Travotore’ A6114 1908
DB 184 DE GOGORZA Deh vieni ‘Don Giovanni’ (b) Devant la maison ‘Damnation de Faust’ A13721 1913
DB 185 DE GOGORZA God, my Father ‘Seven Last Words of Christ’ (Dubois) A4637 1907
DB 185 DE GOGORZA The Holy City (Adams) A7068 1909
DB 186 DE GOGORZA La paloma (Yradier) A1917 1905
DB 186 DE GOGORZA La partida (Alvarez) A13726 1913
DB 187 DE GOGORZA Mi Niña (Guetary) A8392 1909
DB 187 DE GOGORZA Canto del Presidiario (Alvarez) A7085 1909
DB 188 DE GOGORZA O sole mio (di Capua) A6047 1908
DB 188 DE GOGORZA Non e ver (Mattei) A15368 1914
DB 189 BATTISTINI Resta immobile ‘Guglielmo Tell’ 226af 1912
DB 189 BATTISTINI Su queste rose ‘Damnation de Faust’ 888c 1907
DB 190 BATTISTINI Culto (Denza) 288ai 1911
DB 190 BATTISTINI O ma charmante (Quaranta) 290ai 1911
DB 191 LA SCALA ORCHESTRA MILAN (Toscanini) Scherzo & Wedding March ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’
DB 192 BATTISTINI La gondola near (Rotoli) 293ai 1911
DB 192 BATTISTINI Non m’ama piu (Tosti) 295ai 1911
DB 193 SMIRNOV Chanson georgienne (Rachaninov) Cc3211-1 1924
DB 193 SMIRNOV Daylight fades ‘Prince Igor’ Cc3212-2 1924
DB 194 BATTISTINI Ma como dopo ‘Werther’ 262ai 1911
DB 194 BATTISTINI O tu bell’astro ‘Tannhauser’ CA 6 1921
DB 195 BATTISTINI Ah per sempre ‘Puritani’ 276ai 1911
DB 195 BATTISTINI Bel sogno ‘Puritani’ 284ai 1911
DB 196 BATTISTINI Allor che tu coll’estro ‘Tannhauser’ 274ai 1911
DB 196 BATTISTINI O santa medaglia ‘Faust’ 275ai 1911
DB 197 BATTISTINI A miei rivali ‘Ruy Blas’ CA 4 1921
DB 197 BATTISTINI O de’ verd’anni miei ‘Ernani’ 874c 1907
DB 198 BATTISTINI Alla vita ‘Ballo in Maschera’ 877c 1907
DB 198 BATTISTINI/CORSI Vieni meco ‘Ernani’ 880c 1907
DB 199 BATTISTINI La lotta dei bardi ‘Tannhauser’ 286ai 1911

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