This page displays the complete HMV, DB series, containing all HMV Red Seal, ‘DB’ 78rpms; beginning at DB-100 up to and including DB-21627, (which was the last issue in the British/International series) and the last 78rpm published in the DB series in our database so far.

Total Entries (of ‘DB’ recordings) [Including draft entries]: 8912

This index also includes numbers for Denmark, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and all other countries of issue as well as all known auto-coupling numbers. The index also features a very large sequence of matrix numbers (and published take numbers as well as serial numbers (from 1924 to 1934 approx.). (If you can help with missing matrix numbers – please create an account and update our editable database here.)

The DB series was initiated by H.M.V. in 1924 and continued production until the mid 1950’s, which with the introduction of the Long Play (Lp) record, ended production of the ‘DB’ 78rpm series.

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Rec. No/s
Rec. Date
DB 149 BATIISTINI Ah non mi ridestar ‘Werther’ 263ai 1911
DB 149 BATIISTINI Visione fuggitiva ‘Herodiade’ 233af 1912
DB 150 BATTISTINI O casto fior ‘Re di Lahore’ CA 2 1921
DB 150 BATTISTINI Ah non avea piu lagrime ‘Maria di Rudenz’ CA 27 1921
DB 151 BESANZONI Habanera ‘Carmen’
DB 151 BESANZONI O mio Fernando ‘Favorita’
DB 152 BORI Mi chiamano Mimi’Boheme’ A14477 1914
DB 152 BORI Un di al tempio ‘Iris’ A15824 1915
DB 153 BORI Elle a fui ‘Contes d’Hoffmann’ A15825 1915
DB 153 BORI Deh vieni non tardar ‘Nozze di Figaro’ A25146 1921
DB 154 BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Muck) Finale – Symphony No.4 in F Minor Op.36 (Tchaikovsky) Side:1
DB 154 BOSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (Muck) Finale – Symphony No.4 in F Minor Op.36 (Tchaikovsky) Side:2
DB 155 ALDA Mi chiamano Mimì ‘Boheme’ A8885 1915
DB 155 ALDA Air de Micaela ‘Carmen’ A14496 1914
DB 156 AMATO Largo al factótu, ‘Barbiere di Siviglia’ A11214 1911
DB 156 AMATO Prologo: Si puo? ‘Pagliacci’ A11210-2 1911
DB 157 AMATO Canzone del Toreador ‘Carmen’ A11213-2 1911
DB 157 AMATO Eri tu ‘Ballo in Maschera’ A11605 1912
DB 158 AMATO Cortigiani ‘Rigoletto’ A11350 1911
DB 158 AMATO Povero – Rigoletto ‘Rigoletto’ A11349 1911
DB 159 CARUSO Com’e gentil ‘Don Pasquale’ A2340 1905
DB 159 CARUSO M’appari tutt’amor ‘Marta’ A3100 1906
DB 160 CALVE Voi lo sapete ‘Cavalleria Rusticana’ A4426-2 1907
DB 160 CALVE Habanera ‘Carmen’ A4427-2 1907
DB 161 CALVE Serenade (Gound) A4428 1907
DB 161 CALVE Charmant oiseau ‘Perle du Bresil’ A6024 1910
DB 162 CALVE Il est doux ‘Herodiade’ A6012 1908
DB 162 CALVE La Marsellaise (de l’Isle) A17830 1916
DB 163 CALVE Old folks at home (Foster) A4429-2 1907
DB 163 CALVE (a) Frere Jacques (b) Au clair de la lune (c) Une poule A17808 1916
DB 164 BRASLAU Eili, eili (Schalit) A21694 1918
DB 164 BRASLAU Yohrzeit (Silberta) A23038 1919
DB 165 BRASLAU O dry those tears (del Riego) A16651 1915
DB 165 BRASLAU Same old dear old place (Wilson) A24479
DB 166 CLEMENT Aubade ‘Roi d’Ys’ A11391 1911
DB 166 CLEMENT Le reve ‘Manon’ A11191 1911
DB 167 CORTOT Berceuse Op.57 (Chopin)
DB 167 CORTOT Etude en forme de valse (Saint-Saȅns)
DB 168 CORTOT Invitation to the waltz (Weber)
DB 168 CORTOT Concert Paraphrase ‘Rigoletto’ (Verdi-Liszt)
DB 169 DE GOGORZA/VAN HOOSE Solo prófugo ‘Marta’ A2798-3 1906
DB 169 DE GOGORZA/VAN HOOSE/JOURNET Que voulez-vous? ‘Faust’ A3011-2 1906
DB 170 CULP Faithful Johnnie (Beethoven) A15817 1915
DB 170 CULP Love’s old sweet song (Molloy) A19661 1917
DB 171 CULP O rest in the Lord ‘Elijah’ A15805 1915
DB 171 CULP Printemps qui commence ‘Samson et Dalila’ A15808 1915
DB 172 FARRA/CLeMENT Ange adorable ‘Romeo et Juliette’ A12912 1913
DB 172 FARRA/CLeMENT Lontano, lontano ‘Mefistofele’ A12913 1913
DB 173 FARRAR Connais-tu le pays? ‘Mignon’ A16045 1915
DB 173 FARRAR Mighty lak’ a rose (Nevin) A16043 1915

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