This page displays the complete HMV, DB series, containing all HMV Red Seal, ‘DB’ 78rpms; beginning at DB-100 up to and including DB-21627, (which was the last issue in the British/International series) and the last 78rpm published in the DB series in our database so far.

Total Entries (of ‘DB’ recordings) [Including draft entries]: 8912

This index also includes numbers for Denmark, Russia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, France and all other countries of issue as well as all known auto-coupling numbers. The index also features a very large sequence of matrix numbers (and published take numbers as well as serial numbers (from 1924 to 1934 approx.). (If you can help with missing matrix numbers – please create an account and update our editable database here.)

The DB series was initiated by H.M.V. in 1924 and continued production until the mid 1950’s, which with the introduction of the Long Play (Lp) record, ended production of the ‘DB’ 78rpm series.

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Rec. No/s
Rec. Date
DB 124 CALVE Plaisir d’amour (Martini) A6021 1910
DB 124 CALVE Chanson espagnol (Yradier) A6022 1910
DB 125 CARUSO Dreams of long ago (Caruso) A11616 1912
DB 125 CARUSO Love me or not (Secchi) A23713 1920
DB 126 CARUSO Una furtive lagrima ‘Elisir d’amore’ A996 1911
DB 126 CARUSO Permi veder le lagrime ‘Rigoletto’ A11421 1913
DB 127 CARUSO Echo lointain ‘Eugen Onegin’ A18657 1916
DB 127 CARUSO Ah mon sirt ‘Nero’ A19485 1917
DB 128 CARUSO Mia sposa sara la mia bandiera (Rotoli) A17195 1916
DB 128 CARUSO Regiment de Sambre et Meuse (Planquette) A22516 1919
DB 129 CARUSO Spirito gentil ‘Favorita’ A3104 1906
DB 129 CARUSO Ideale (Tosti) A4162 1906
DB 130 CARUSO La fleur que tu m’avais jetee ‘Carmen’ A8350 1909
DB 130 CARUSO Ah fuyez, douce image ‘Manon’ A11422 1911
DB 131 CARUSO Addio (Tosti) A9747 1910
DB 131 CARUSO Musica proibita (Gastaldon) A15480 1917
DB 132 CARUSO Hosannah (Granier) A12681 1912
DB 132 CARUSO Les rameaux (Faure) A14201 1913
DB 133 CARUSO The lost chord (Sullivan) A11942 1912
DB 133 CARUSO Ombra mai fu ‘Xerxes’ A23714 1920
DB 134 CARUSO Pieta, Signore! (Stradella) A22121 1918
DB 134 CARUSO Campane a Sera (Billi-Malfetti) A22259 1918
DB 135 HEMPEL/AMATO Dite alla giovine ‘Traviata’ A14716-2 1914
DB 135 HEMPEL/AMATO Imponete ‘Traviata’ A14717-2 1914
DB 136 CARUSO Vois ma misere, helas ‘Samson et Dalila’ A18821 1916
DB 136 CARUSO Je crois entendre ‘Pecheurs de Perles’ A18822 1916
DB 137 CARUSO Quando nacesti tu ‘Lo Schiavo’ A11273 1911
DB 137 CARUSO Ma se m’e forza ‘Ballo in Maschera’ A11420 1911
DB 138 CARUSO Cujus animam ‘Stabat Mater’ (Rossini) A14200 1913
DB 138 CARUSO Ingemisco ‘Requiem’ (Verdi) A15570 1915
DB 139 CARUSO Cantique de Noȅl (Adam) A17218 1916
DB 139 CARUSO Santa Maria (Faure) A17342 1916
DB 140 CARUSO Triste ritorno (Barthelemy) A4159 1906
DB 140 CARUSO Femesta ca lucive A13107 1913
DB 141 CARUSO Tarantella sincera (de Crescenzo) A11472 1912
DB 141 CARUSO La Danza (Rossini) A11590 1912
DB 142 CARUSO Core’ngrato (Carolli) A11272 1911
DB 142 CARUSO Santa Lucia A17344 1916
DB 143 CARUSO Tiempo antico (Caruso) A17343 1916
DB 143 CARUSO Serenata (Bracco) A23151 1919
DB 144 CARUSO Celeste Aida ‘Aida’ A3180 1908
DB 144 CARUSO Mia piccirella ‘Salvator Rosa’ A23150 1919
DB 145 CARUSO La procession (Franck) A17121 1916
DB 145 CARUSO Preete-moi ton aide ‘Reine de Saba’ A17125 1916
DB 146 AMATO Credo in un Dio crudel ‘Otello’ A11215 1911
DB 146 AMATO Di Provenza ‘Traviata’ A11211-2 1914
DB 147 BATTISTINI Bella e di sol vestita ‘Maria di Rohan’ 28lai 1911
DB 147 BATTISTINI Voce fatal di norte ‘Maria di Rohan’ CA 10 1921
DB 148 BATTISTINI Per me giunto ‘Don Carlos’ CA 5 1921
DB 148 BATIISTINI Vien Leonora ‘Favorita’ CA 11 1921

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