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    I have a number of early Red Seal recordings with Monarch labels. I want to place a value on these and other related early recordings.
    Here is my list of Monarch 5000 Series records:
    5012 sold for $292.79
    5025 sold for $275
    I find only 2 of these when I try a web search, one on the “ValueYourMusic” and a second on “popsike.”

    I can post links if it is socially acceptable on this forum to do so. I’m being cautious in this first post.

    On the “ValueYourMusic” entry I read:

    78 rpm: VICTOR RED SEAL 5000 Series MONARCH RECORD Label 5009 Enrico Caruso GIOCONDA G&T

    “The 5000 series red seal records were the first imported Red seals in early 1903.
    They are so rare, that there existed an exclusive “5000 Series” collector club, which entry requirement was the possession of a 5000 series red seal record”

    Gioconda. Cielo e mar; arranged (Uniform title)
    Enrico Caruso (vocalist : tenor vocal)
    Salvatore Cottone (instrumentalist : piano)
    Frederick William Gaisberg (recordist)
    11/30/1902 Milan, Italy [1] Master Gramophone 52417 10-in.
    11/30/1902 Milan, Italy [1] Master Victor 5009
    Matrix number at 6 o clock on dead wax, at 9, 12, and 3 o clock 5009 handwritten in the wax.
    Sunken Monarch label with G&T notice on top
    10″ 78 rpm record.
    Condition: Record may have been waxed.
    VERY GOOD, locked groove before music, high hiss at start then quieter. 1 skip in the middle, rare fuzziness.
    Plays with significant noise.
    Sold for $275

    I’d appreciate any advice other collectors can offer.


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