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    Nick Starkey

    I recently inherited a collection of 78s from a friend who sadly passed away. He was very much into Swing and Big Band. His collection had been sitting unplayed in his loft for, I don’t know, 30-40 years maybe more. It was only when his wife mentioned them that I knew he had a 78 collection.
    My excitement going through them was soon dampened when I discovered that almost all 81 of them were badly warped. After all these years I didn’t even realise that 78s could warp.
    Having consulted YouTube and other parts of the Internet I got out my wife’s hair dryer (there is sadly no longer a need for me to own one!) and started blowing hot air over a record. Living in England, especially in January, the opportunity to place the record between two panes of glass and leave them in the sun was a non-starter. Despite the optimistic videos on line after four separate attempts at blasting hot air over the record I failed to make any impression on it at all. The only beneficiary was the electricity company.
    Then it came to me. What if I placed a small pile of half a dozen records on the heated floor in the conservatory overnight? Well, I can happily report that it works and I’m slowly beginning to make all the records playable again.
    I wonder if anyone else has come across a novel way to restore their 78s? Is there an uncomplicated way to fix a cracked record for instance or do we sadly consign it to the bin?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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