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Parlo F 100 Series

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Parlophone F100 Series

The F100 series contains 10 inch ''Dance'' records. This series was introduced in February 1935 and continued until F2554 and F2555 issued in September 1955.

F100 to F199       F200 to F349      F350 to F499       

F500 to F649      F650 to F799       F800 to F949      F950 to F999


F1000 to F1149    F1150 to F1299   F1300 to F1449

F1450 to F1599    F1600 to F1749   F1750 to F1899   F1900 to F1999


F2000 to F2149    F2150 to F2299   F2300 to F2449

F2450 to F2555

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