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British label lists

British label lists
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Create by John Rogers | September 19, 2014 | Last updated by wes williams June 23, 2016 (view change)

This is a directory wiki.  It is planned to set up Child Pages for record companies.  Below the company wikis will be label lists.

 Label Lists

Columbia CB series has a partial list under the Columbia child page

Eclipse label is under the Crystalate Child Page (via the Woolworths Child Page)

HMV B series, BD series and C series have partial lists under the HMV Child Page.

Imperial has a partial list under Crystalate

Regal Zonophone label is under the Columbia Child Page

Rex label is under the Crystalate Decca Child Page

Tempo is a partial listing to mid 1952.

The National Gramophone Company's Marathon label (1911-1915) is on the Marathon records page.

Brunswick label is listed under the Decca child page.

Comments, corrections and additions are welcome.

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