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Imperial 1401 to 1500


1401,Ciribiribin,Ferera & Franchini (Hawaiian Guitars)
1401,Dreamy Hawaii,Ferera & Franchini (Hawaiian Guitars)

1411,"Tea for Two ('No, No, Nanette') (Fox Trot)",The Wigwam Orchestra,Vincent Youmans
1411,"I Want to be Happy ('No, No, Nanette') (Fox Trot)",The Imperial Dance Orchestra,Vincent Youmans
1412,La Donna E Mobile ('Rigoletto'),Signor Luigi Cilla (Tenor with Orchestral Accompaniment),G. Verdi
1412,On with the Motley ('Pagliacci'),Signor Luigi Cilla (Tenor with Orchestral Accompaniment),Leoncavallo

1417,Rose Marie ('Rose Marie') (Fox Trot),The Golden Gate Orchestra,Rudolf Friml
1417,Indian Love Call ('Rose Marie') (Fox Trot),The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra,Rudolf Friml

1428,Chant Hindou ('Sadko'),"M. Addash, Gold Medallist, Warsaw Conservatoire (Violin)",Rimsky-Korsakov-Kreisler
1428,Waltz in A Major,"M. Addash, Gold Medallist, Warsaw Conservatoire (Violin)",Brahms

1436,I Belong to Glasgow,Mr. Jock Walker (Scotch Comedian),Will Fyffe
1436,London Town,Mr. Jock Walker (Scotch Comedian),Walker

1458,Toreador’s Song ('Carmen'),Robert Howe (with Orchestral Accompaniment),George Bizet
1458,'Prologue 'Pagliacci',Robert Howe (with Orchestral Accompaniment),Leoncavallo

1467,Samson Johnson’s Christening (Laughing Song),Fred Masters (with Piano Accompaniment),Masters
1467,A Farmyard Serenade (Humorous),Fred Masters (with Piano Accompaniment),Masters

1480,Cielito Lindo,Frank Ferera & John Paaluhi (Hawaiian Guitars),
1480,Fernandez Iku Okamoku,Frank Ferera & John Paaluhi (Hawaiian Guitars),
1481,Manon,Signor Luigi Cilla (Tenor with Piano Accompaniment),Massenet
1481,Lolita,Signor Luigi Cilla (Tenor with Piano Accompaniment),Buzzi-Peccia

1492,Southern Medley,Eddie Peabody (Banjo)
1492,Old Times Medley,Eddie Peabody (Banjo)



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