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Imperial 901 to 1000

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Imperial 901 to 1000


Imperial 902,The Waggle o’ the Kilt (Sir Harry Lauder’s successes),Mr. R. MacDonald,Lauder
Imperial 902,The Wee Hoose ’Mang the Heather (Sir Harry Lauder’s successes),Mr. R. MacDonald,Lauder-Elton    

Imperial 911,Green Isle of Erin,Mr. Pat O’Brien (Tenor),Roeckel
Imperial 911,Terence’s Farewell to Kathleen,Mr. Pat O’Brien (Tenor),Lady Dufferin

Imperial 921,Let Me Like a Soldier Fall,Mr. Ellis George (Tenor),Wallace
Imperial 921,Take a pair of Sparkling Eyes,Mr. W. Virgo (Tenor),Sullivan

Imperial 923,’E can’t take a Roise out of Oi (Old Somerset Song),Mr. J. H. Scotland (Bass),
Imperial 923,Richard of Taunton Dene (Old Somerset Song),Mr. J. H. Scotland (Bass),

Imperial 932,I couldn’t help Laughing,Charles Rose (Laughing Songs),Penrose
Imperial 932,I burst out Laughing,Charles Rose (Laughing Songs),Symons
Imperial 933,The Laughing Family,Charles Rose (Laughing Songs),Penrose
Imperial 933,He’d a Funny Little Way with Him,Charles Rose (Laughing Songs),Winter

Imperial 935,The Whistling Maniac,Mr. Arthur Melrose (Word Whistler),A. Masey
Imperial 935,Uncle Amos,Mr. Arthur Melrose (Word Whistler),C. Brighton

Imperial 943,Competition Waltz,,Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),
Imperial 943,Away to the Woods (Fantasia),Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),
Imperial 944,Rialto Waltz,Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),     
Imperial 944,Cameron Highlanders,Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),
Imperial 945,Waltz on Scotch Airs,Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),
Imperial 945,Boston Bells (Barn Dance),Mr. Leo Mallet (Accordion),

Imperial 947,It’s the Ring your Mother wore,Mr. Fred Granger (Baritone),N. Allen
Imperial 947,My Santiago Belle,Mr. Fred Granger (Baritone),L. Ray

Imperial 951,The Keel Row (with Variations),Mr. Geo. Ackroyd (Flute and Piccolo),Bonnisseau
Imperial 951,The Comet,Mr. Geo. Ackroyd (Flute and Piccolo),M. A. Brewer
Imperial 952,Le Cygne,Mr. Geo. Ackroyd (Flute and Piccolo),Saint-Saens
Imperial 952,Ave Maria,Mr. Geo. Ackroyd (Flute and Piccolo),Schubert
Imperial 953,The Whitewash Man,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Bennett
Imperial 953,Return of the Regiment,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Emile Grimshaw
Imperial 954,Beat the Drum,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Emile Grimshaw
Imperial 954,Smiler Rag,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Wenrich
Imperial 955,Merry Company,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Alfred Cammeyer
Imperial 955,Daddy Long Legs,Mr. Olly Oakley (Banjo),Emile Grimshaw
Imperial 956,The Tram Conductor,Messrs. Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (Topical Sketches),Bluff
Imperial 956,The Auctioneer,Messrs. Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (Topical Sketches),Bluff
Imperial 957,Cohen ’phones the Gas Co,Messrs. Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (Topical Sketches),Bluff
Imperial 957,Cohen ’phones the Exchange,Messrs. Harry Bluff & Billy Whitlock (Topical Sketches),Bluff

Imperial 960,I Love a Lassie,Mr. Roger Parker,H. Lauder
Imperial 960,Breakfast in Bed on Sunday,Mr. Jock McGraw (Comic),H. Lauder

Imperial 965,Passing of Salome (Waltz),The Imperial Military Band,Joyce
Imperial 965,La Boheme (Selection),The Imperial Military Band,Puccini

Imperial 976, While Shepherds Watch / O Come All You Ye Faithful, The Manger Throne / God Rest You Merry Gentlemen Sung by a Cathedral Quartette of St. Paul's Cathedral


Imperial 988,King of the Clouds,Mr. Robert Carr (Baritone),V. Ambroise
Imperial 988,Give Me the Open Road,Mr. Robert Carr (Baritone),G. F. Lewis

Imperial 995,The Enthusiast at a Football Match,Mr. Charles Cardow (Original Dialogue),Cardow
Imperial 995,The Girlie Wanting a Honeymoon,Mr. Charles Cardow (Original Dialogue),Cardow     

Imperial 997,An Eastern Festival,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 997,British Dominion March,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 998,Two of Irish,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 998,Dancing Dan,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 999,Scotch Hot,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 999,Jolly Jock,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Xylophone),Whitlock
Imperial 1000,Prettiest Song of All,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Bell Solos),Whitlock
Imperial 1000,Step Out,Mr. Billy Whitlock (Bell Solos),Whitlock

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