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The following page lists available 78rpm Collectors' Community software.
Page last updated: 29 May, 2016

the 78rpm Record Cataloger

This, self-installing record/music cataloging software application is the first of its kind for 78rpm collectors anywhere in the world...

It was developed/designed and produced by the 78rpm Collectors' Community -

It has been designed specifically for 78rpm record and cylinder collectors in mind - featuring the ability to catalog 78rpm records/cylinders in a simple, fuss free way. The program allows users to catalog both sides of a 78rpm and cylinder recording and has a built-in feature to streamline the process of duplicating information about a specific recording when needed.

This version of the software features the following detailed input fields for cataloging 78rpm information:

  • Reference Reference (a field for the location of a record in a collection - eg., shelf number or category.)
  • Record Label
  • Record Number/Record Catalog Number
  • Album Set Number (if the record belonged to a set)
  • Artist/Performers
  • Compositions
  • Composers
  • Matrix Numbers
  • Take Numbers
  • Recording Speeds (as some '78s' weren't recorded at '78rpm' - handy information to have for playback purposes and correcting pitch!)
  • Recording Dates
  • Recording Release Date
  • Recording Venue/Location

Users can also add the following MEDIA to their database:

  • Label Scans (for each side of a record if needed..!)
  • Audio Files (add audio files to your database for each side of a recording and play them back directly in the program..!)
  • Notes (add detailed notes against each entry)

Users can also add the following 78rpm perimeters to each catalog entry:

  • Record Size (eg., 12inch, 10inch, 16inch, 8inch, Cylinder etc...)
  • Record Format (Double sided, Single sided, 2minute etc...)
  • Record Characteristics (Electric, Acoustic, Microgroove, Vertical Cut, Test Pressing etc...)
  • Record Grade (record the overall condition of each of your 78rpms - handy for reselling!)

The program also includes the following handy features:

  • Resource Indexes (access detailed 78rpm indexes online)
  • FAQ's (access our online FAQ page for program help/support, which includes videos and user-forum)
  • Searches (Search your catalog by filtering keywords)
  • Export (export your database in a variety of formats, including .CSV) [and]
  • Import (import other exported 78rpm Cataloger files to use/incorporate with our software!) [Limited in this version of the software at current]

(Left to Right - Mac Version: CATALOG page - Windows Version: CATALOG page)

The program also allows a collector to print and search their database as well as filter results. It also features an exportable database, which can be saved as a CSV file to read, share, print and edit with other programs like Excel (PC) and Numbers (MAC).

Users can also export their complete database (including audio/label scans and database) to share with other catalog users..!

In our future, 'PRO' version of the software, the following additions will be included:

  • Additional cataloging fields (including 'Stamper Numbers' and 'Purchased/Auction Price')
  • Database Cloud Storage (Upload your database and access anywhere...)
  • Database Publish (Publish your database online as a webpage or wiki)
  • PDF Print (Print your database as a .pdf file)

Our software is currently available for Mac OSX and Windows PC and is self-installing.
They are both in BETA format at the moment!

MAC OSX Version [Current version: Version 2.0 BETA -MAY 2016 - for Mac 10.6 and above]

WINDOWS PC Version [Current version: Version 2.0 BETA -MAY 2016 - for Windows XP and above]

NOTE: If you find a bug, please let us know via our SOFTWARE HELP FORUM and we will try to fix it as quickly as we can.

HELP: Limited support for this program can be found on our FAQ page and at our software forum.

(Left to Right - Mac Version: SEARCH page - Windows Version: SEARCH page)

This software is free to use.
Users may download and use this free software but may not distribute it. Please see our Terms of Service regarding usage, copyright and distribution.
Read our Terms of Service at: (See: Item 12)

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Wes Williams for his programming help (on the Windows Version) as well as his excellent expertise/help/support/encouragement on program design and development.