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Golschmann & St. Louis Symphony - Sibelius Symphony No 7

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    Golschmann & St. Louis Sym - Sibelius Symphony No. 7

    Posted by Bill Anderson on January 12, 2017

    A personal favorite - Golschmann's performance of the Sibelius Seventh Symphony for RCA was an impressive debut on that label. Recorded in Kiel Auditorium on April 6, 1942. The St. Louis Symphony was in fine form for the first commercial records since their Columbia sessions of 1935.

    Golschmann & St. Louis Symphony - Sibelius Symphony No 7
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  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson A correction - the recording date was April 5, 1942, not the 6th as noted- my error.
    January 12, 2017
  • David Walton
    David Walton Beautifully transfered Bill. As always, your transfers are very well done. Interesting performance as well.
    January 18, 2017
  • Bill Anderson
    Bill Anderson Hello David - Thank you for the comment. I used to live in St. Louis, and the Orchestra is a particular favorite. FWIW, an interesting bit of info...The Sibelius 7th was issued on a Lys CD many years ago in a heavily filtered, grainy transfer. I was so...  more
    January 19, 2017