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Magazines & Books on 78's

  • An excellent resource on historical Magazines/catalogues & Books on 78's (and cylinders) can be found here:


    Antique Phonograph Monthly
    Published 1973-1993


    Record Research
    Published 1955-1995


    Victrola and 78 Journal
    Published 1994-1998


    New Amberola Graphic
    Published 1967-2000


    Talking Machine Review
    Published 1969-1996


    78 Quarterly [Jazz and Blues]
    Published 1967+


    Recording the Blues
    Robert Dixon & John Godrich(1970)


    Two-Minute Brown Wax and XP Cylinder Records of the Columbia Phonograph Company
    Compiled by Kenneth M. Lorenz (1981)


    The Development of the Phonograph in America
    Allen G. Debus, Self published, 1949


    Cylinder Records (2nd Ed.)
    Duane D. Deakins, Self published, 1958


    Edison Standard Index
    Duane D. Deakins, Self published, ca. 1959


    Edison Blue Amberol Index
    Duane D. Deakins, Self published, ca. 1960


    The Indestructible Record Company: A Listing of American & British Two & Four-Minute Cylinders 1907-1922
    H.H. Annand, Self published, 1970

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