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Removal of spurious noises

  • I was recently transferring a 78 to my PC and discovered some crackles and thumps which the processing software (ClickRepair) hadn't removed.  Removing them by hand would be fairly easy but for some reason I was a bit suspicious.  I checked out other copies of the record (e.g. on Youtube) and discovered exactly the same noises on the others.  I.e. the noise was recorded on the record rather than being caused by later damage.  Back in the days of live recording all sorts of noises could get picked up.  For example things getting dropped on the floor during the session.  Also I suppose the master might have got damaged.  I was wondering what other people do in such circumstances.  Do you try to get rid of any unintentional noises, even if they are on all copies of the record, or do you try to remove them to get as close as possible to what was intended to be recorded?
      May 19, 2017 1:05 PM PDT
  • It's really up to you, and it depends on what you are wanting to achieve and enjoy with your transcriptions... 

    • If you are a purist, you would leave it in as a representation of the original recording session.
    • If you're wanting to restore the most musical representation and it's possible to edit the noise, you would remove these non-musical noises. 
    • If the noise is historical (eg. the anit-aircraft guns in Paris firing at Nazi invasion planes preseved in Wanda Landowska's harpsichord recordings), most people would leave them in. 

      November 29, 2018 2:26 AM PST