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  • I'm thinning out my collection in order to make room for new acquisitions. Most records I'm selling are records that I have multiple copies of, or records that don't really fit in...  more
    Last post by Bart Vandelay - September 13, 2017
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  • My brothers and I have recently aquirred a large collection of 78 records after the sad passing of an uncle.What is the best way of selling these records? Our uncle had...  more
    Last post by Kevin Burrows - September 17, 2016
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  • I have a collection of 78rpms that I believe are from the 1950's. I have multiple pop as well as some mambo records from that time. Some artists included are Rosemary Clooney,...  more
    Last post by C.a. Nicola - June 3, 2015
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