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UK Berliner Gramophone Leaflet c.1892

August 21, 2018
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This document is an 8 page leaflet advertising Berliner's Gramophone, and a single sheet 'List Of Plates Now Ready', from Parkins and Gotto, a large London store. 'Plate' is the term used for a disc at this time, which were 5 inches in diameter. It is the earliest known UK Berliner advertising, and dates to circa 1892.

The cost of the gramophone and six plates of two guineas is £2.10. 'Plates' were 1 shilling  (£0.05). These prices are approximately £200 (Eu 220/US$ 260) and £4.50 (EU 5/US$ 6) at todays value.

This is a facsimilie published by Ernie Bayly of the Talking Machine Review magazine probably during the 1980s.