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A few points to note about discogs search results:

  • Discogs divides their catalog into four sections - Release, Master, Label and Artist. Differences between releases and masters can be confusing. Master listings (also known as "master releases") represents a record release which is often the chronologically earliest version of a recording available.

    We suggest selecting "release" for your search as this will display all releases of a particular recording that you might be searching.

  • For information on labels, simply select 'LABEL' (from the TYPE dropdown box), leave the format dropdown box unchanged and then type in your label name., for example, "Parlophone".
  • Clicking on a search result will display that title in more detail - including catalog number, label, media type, country of issue, released date, genre, and music style.
  • Selecting "78rpm/Shellac" from the Format dropdown will ensure your search returns only 78rpm releases. This will help to narrow down and filter your search results...

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