How it Works

Like our installable 78rpm Record Cataloging software, we’ve created our online version to be simple to use and easy to follow.

The Online 78rpm Cataloger has been specifically designed for 78rpm record and cylinder collectors in mind.

Now you can catalog your 78rpm records and cylinders in a simple, fuss free way.


With a simple to use form, you can now quickly enter your recording data and click submit. It’s that simple…


Want to add a label scan (or two) or even add an audio file of your database?

Easy! Just drag and drop your file onto the page and watch it upload!


We’ve simplified data entry too by using up-to-date dropdown prompts.


Currently our online record cataloger lets you create a database for:

  • 78rpm records
  • Phonograph Cylinders
  • 78rpm Album Sets (for complex database entries…)