This short video will outline the steps of how to sort columns in the spreadsheet view of your catalog:

This simple-to-follow video outlines how to navigate your catalog:

Follow the instructions in our short video below to learn how easy it is to add a recording to your catalog…

Your catalog is divided into two sections. Each section displays your database in different formats.
– ‘My Catalogs’ (and)
– ‘My 78rpms’, ‘My Cylinders’ and ‘My Album Sets’

– Clicking on ‘My Catalogs’ link will display each type of your entries (78rpms, Cylinders or Album Sets) as an album view (listing your entries as photos) or spreadsheet view (listing your entries in a spreadsheet format).

– Clicking on ‘My 78rpms’, ‘My Cylinders’ and ‘My Album Sets’ links will display your entries in a grid format (with the added advantage of displaying your entry in further detail) by clicking on the ‘More’ link.

The simple answer is YES.
To view your catalog in a spreadsheet view, click on the link, “My Catalog“.
Once on that page, click the sub-link, “View page as spreadsheet ☰”
This will present your catalog entries in a spreadsheet format.

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