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Catalog #
default_catalog_record_label DX 1260 Ballet Suite – Miracle in the Gorbals (Part 1)
Ballet Suite – Miracle in the Gorbals (Part 2)
Royal Covent Garden Orchestra (Constant Lambert) More
DO 69 Te Ariki
Ngaro Noa
Rotorua Maori Choir More
default_catalog_record_label 9698 The Balcony Girl – Act 1
The Balcony Girl – Act 2
Billy Leonard, Mark Daly, Emmie Joyce, Raymond Newell, Norman Williams And Chorus More
PRX.2405 Sonata in C Minor – Pt.1
Sonata in C Minor – Pt.2
Franz Holford (pianoforte) More
FE-13 (a) God Save the Queen, (b) Bugle Call ‘Reveille (Infantry), (c) Bugle Call (Last Post)
(a) Advanced Australia Fair, (b) God Defend New Zealand
Military Band More
default_catalog_record_label 37074 On The Boardwalk (In Atlantic City)
You Make Me Feel So Young
The Charioteers More
default_catalog_record_label DB 989 Silver Hair And Heart Of Gold
‘Round The Bend Of the Road
Layton and Johnstone More
default_catalog_record_label D.B. 3371 Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home
Farewell To Storyville
Kid Ory and his Creole Jazz Band More
default_catalog_record_label D.B. 2419 Ride, Red, Ride
The Gaucho Serenade
The Charioteers More
default_catalog_record_label 4207 Am I Wasting My Time On You?
I’d Love To Be A Baby Again
Layton & Johnstone More
default_catalog_record_label 3857 Wonder Where My Baby Is To-Night
My Pal Harry
Layton & Johnstone More
default_catalog_record_label D.C. 607 Smada
Duke Ellington and his Orchestra. Clarinet Solo – Jimmy Hamilton More
default_catalog_record_label 5034 My Pet
Layton & Johnstone More
default_catalog_record_label DW 5030 Three Cent Stomp
New York City Blues
Duke Ellington und sein Orchester More
35297 Muddy River Blues
Wolverine Blues
Jack Teagarden and His Orchestra More

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