Columbia Label

There are many labels featuring the Trademark, Columbia.

Columbia UK

The US company, the Columbia Phonograph Company, General, of New York established a branch in Britain in 1900.

Columbia UK had been producing single sided records from a plant at Earlsfield in Surrey since June 1906, and double-sided records eventually appeared on the market in December 1907 (D.68 upwards), although some earlier double-sided issues were made on time with ordinary single-sided Columbia labels and numbers, and later issued as D.1 to D.67.

In December 1909 Columbia UK began issuing records bearing the Rena name.

In October 1910 the Rena label was abandoned, and all records were issued under the Columbia-Rena label, continuing to use the Rena series of numbers. In March 1913 Columbia changed its name to The Columbia Graphophone Company, New York-London. In February 1914 Columbia began issuing budget priced records on the Regal label, and many Columbia titles were re-released on Regal.

In October 1915, the Rena part of the label name was dropped. In wartime 1916, the British Government passed laws banning non-essential imports, stopping flow of all Columbia recordings from the USA, which led to the formation of a British based Columbia company in February 1917 – The Columbia Graphophone Co Ltd . In early 1923 the British company became independent of the American Company. In 1932 EMI was formed by a merger between Columbia and HMV.

Columbia Australia

Columbia began record production in 🔗 🔗 Australia at the Columbia factory in Homebush, Sydney, in late June 1926.

In January, 1930, Columbia announced a reduction in prices for most records, as well as the transferring of some light-blue labelled discs to dark-blue labels. Purple labelled discs were demoted to light-blue, and the purple label was discontinued.

Columbia Graphophone Co. merged with The Gramophone Company (HMV) in 1931, and moved to Columbia’s factory in Homebush.

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Our database currently features 139 recordings on the ‘Columbia’ label by our users:

Album Cover
Catalog No/s
default_catalog_record_label 11390, X-177 Suite from Petrouchka-Suite IV:Grand Carnival (beginning)
Suite from Petrouchka-Suite IV:Grand Carnival (conclusion)
default_catalog_record_label 39066 There’s A Little White House (Where the Red, Red Roses Grow)
The Little White Duck
default_catalog_record_label 36867 Waitin’ For the Train To Come In
I Can’t Begin To Tell You (from “The Dolly Sisters”)
default_catalog_record_label 38782 (CO 42990), 38782 Dixieland Is Here To Stay
I Wish I Could Shimmy LIke My Sister Kate
default_catalog_record_label 37296 T. T. On Toast
I Don’t Know Why I Love You So
default_catalog_record_label 36845 Ain;t It The Truth
Feather Merchant
default_catalog_record_label 36889 Jivin’ Joe Jackson
Queer Street
39851 How Strange
Meet Mister Callaghan
36620 I Left My Heart At The Stage Door Canteen
My Devotion