Louis Levy – Discography

Researched and Prepared by Terry Brown & Tony Middleton

The following discography has been compiled by Terry Brown & Tony Middleton, based on Alasdair Fenton’s original, with corrected recording dates/matrix numbers, music titles for Medleys, including composer/lyricists and additional Levy sessions making it the most comprehensive yet available anywhere.

This listing has been completely revamped and now appears chronologically. Amendments and additions welcome in the comment section below.

Louis Levy was born in London on 20 November 1894, and began his career by paying a ½d a lesson to learn the violin. At The age of ten he was competent enough to play with Charlie Austin’s Juvenile Troupe. In 1916 he became interested in music for the cinema, and became a pioneer in the evolution of bringing music in films from the cafe type accompaniments to having pieces specially scored for individual films.

In 1923 Levy began broadcasting lunch time concerts from the Pavilion Cinema at Shepherd’s Bush, where he was MD. In mid 1928 he became President of the Cinema Musical Director’s Association and extended his own MD activities to include the Capitol Kinema in London’s Haymarket. Later in 1928 he paid a visit to the States, where he saw some experimental sound films, and realised that this was the coming thing. Louis arrived back in the country, just as the Gaumont-British Company, who made films at their Shepherd’s Bush Studios, had hurriedly decided to convert the current film “High Treason” into a talkie. They asked Louis to do the score, and from this beginning in 1929, he was appointed Musical Director for Gaumont British/Gainsborough. This was primarily an organisational and executive role, indeed, Levy described how he operated a ‘casting Bureau’, whereby he brought in composers and arrangers to deliver a soundtrack to suit the style/content of the film concerned.

Although Levy’s name appears as MD on the credits of hundreds of films made over the 1930’s, most, (if not all), of the composing, scoring and conducting of what you hear was undertaken by others, including, Bretton Byrd, Jack Beaver, Clive Richardson, Hubert Bath, Cedric Mallabey, Leighton Lucas, Charles Williams, Bob Busby, Walford Hyden, Hans May and many others.

Levy worked for Gainsborough to 1948, then with Associated British, with spells at MGM British and 20th Century Fox in the same capacity in between.

Louis was also featured extensively on BBC and commercial radio through his “Music from the Movies” programmes which he first introduced back in 1936. Levy recorded extensively with his Gaumont British Symphony Orchestra for HMV/Columbia, and later Decca. Almost all of Levy’s radio and record arrangements were undertaken by Peter Yorke, who created the immediately recognisable Gaumont British Symphony sound. Levy died on 18 August 1957. 1.

Editor’s Note: In the complete discography that follows, all the vocalists have been identified by their initials as follows:

HB = Harry Bentley
SB = Sam Browne
EM = Edward Molloy
JL = Janet Lind
GF = Gerry Fitzgerald
RA = Robert Ashley
EB = Eve Becke
GM = George Melachrino
ED = Evelyn Dove
HJ = Hazel Jeans
CE = Clive Erard
BL = Brian Lawrance
AL = Anne Lenner
BW = Bertha Willmott
JC = Jimmy Campbell
3G = The Three Ginx
JS = Judy Shirley
DC = Dorothy Carless
(If no initials appear, it can be taken that there is no vocal refrain)

London 5/10/1933
2EA3562-2 ‘Aunt Sally’, Selection, (Woods), Pt. 1 – You ought to see Sally on Sunday; If I Had Napoleon’s Hat; The Wind’s in the West; My Wild Oat. HMV C2617
2EA3563-1 ‘Aunt Sally’, Selection, (Woods), Pt. 2 – We’ll all go Riding on a Rainbow; I Want a Fair and Square Man; Ain’t She Dainty, (Woods). HMV C2617

London 27/4/1934
CAX7155-1 ‘Chu Chin Chow’, Selection, (Norton), Pt. 1 – Entrance of Chu Chin Chow; Here Be Oysters; Any Time’s Kissing Time; Javanese Dance; Desert Flower; Robber’s Chorus; Scimitar Song. Col DX592
CAX7156 -1 ‘Chu Chin Chow’, Selection, (Norton), Pt. 2 – I Am Chu Chin Chow; Behold; Cobbler’s Song; Corraline; I’ll Sing And Dance; I Love Thee So; Finale. Col DX592

MALCOLM McEACHERN Vocal with Gaumont British Orchestra cond. Louis Levy
London 27/4/1934
CAX7157-1 Behold! (Asche/Norton) Col DX598
CAX7158-1 I am Chu Chin Chow/Olive Oil, (Asche/Norton). Col DX598

*(Louis Levy’s name does not appear on the labels of the Gaumont-British Dance Orchestra’s recordings)
London 3/11/1934
CAR2991-1 Don’t you Cry When We Say Goodbye, (Woods), (SB). RZ MR1505
CAR2992-1 Looking For a little Bit of Blue, (Woods), (SB). RZ MR1506
CAR2993-1 Things are Looking Up, (Grey/Gay),(BW). RZ MR1507
CAR2994-1 What a Little Moonlight Can Do, (Woods),(JC). RZ MR1505
CAR2995-1 Who’s Been Polishing the Sun? (Gay), (HB). RZ MR1506
CAR2996-1 There’s no Green Grass ‘round the Old North Pole, (Lorraine/Butler/Tilsley), (BW). RZ MR1506

London 12/12/1934
CAR3110-1 One Way Street, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(3G). RZ MR1874
CAR3111-1 Sons of the Sand, (Kester/Noble),(3G). RZ MR1566
CAR3112-2 The Londonola, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman), (3G). rejected

London 13/12/1934
CAR3112-3 The Londonola, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(3G). RZ MR1873
CAR3113-1 You Bring out the Savage in Me, (Coslow),(3G). RZ MR1873
CAR3114-1 Did you Ever have a Feeling you’re Flying? (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(JC). RZ MR1874
CAR3115-1 Now I Understand, (Coslow),(SB). RZ MR1566
CAR3116-1 If your Father only Knew, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(SB). RZ MR1761
CAR3117-2 San Felipe, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(SB). RZ MR1761

London 6/2/36
CA15584-1 You’re Sweeter than I Thought You Were, (Sigler/Hoffman),(RA).
Col FB1336
CA15585-1 Where There’s you, There’s Me,(Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman), (JS). Col FB1336
CA15586-1 She Shall have Music, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman), (RA). Col FB1322
CA15587-1 From One Minute to Another, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman), (JS) Col FB1322

JESSIE MATTHEWS Orchestral Acc. Conducted by LOUIS LEVY
London 17/4/1936
TB2122-1-2 It’s Love Again, (Woods). Decca F5982
TB2123-1-2 Tony’s in Town, (Woods), (with 3G). Decca F5982
TB2124-1-2 I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Through My Fingers,(Woods). Decca F5983
TB2125-1-2 Got to Dance My Way to Heaven, (Coslow). Decca F5983 4.

London 10/6/36
0EA3805-1 ‘Limelight’, Selection, (Woods), Pt. 1 – Sweet Senorita; Whistling Waltz, (JL). HMV BD354
0EA3806-1 ‘Limelight’, Selection, (Woods), Pt. 2 – Stay Awhile, (RA); Celebratin’. HMV BD354

London 12/6/36
CA15793-1 ‘It’s love Again’, Selection, (Woods), Pt. 1 – It’s Love Again, (JL); Tony’s in Town. Col FB1429
CA15794-1 ‘Its love Again’, Selection, (Woods/Coslow), Pt. 2 – Got to Dance My Way to Heaven; I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping through My Fingers, (JL). Col FB1429

London 22/7/36
0EA3842-1 ‘This’ll Make You Whistle’, Selection, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman, Pt. 1 You’ve Got the Wrong Rumba; There Isn’t Any Limit to My Love, (JL). HMV BD361
0EA3843-1 ‘This’ll Make You Whistle’, Selection, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman), Pt. 2 – Without Rhythm; This’ll Make You Whistle, (EM). HMV BD361
CA15865-1 ‘The Great Ziegfeld’, Selection, (Adamson/Donaldson/Berlin), Pt. 1 – You Gotta Pull Strings; A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody, (EM). Col FB1477
CA15866-1 ‘The Great Ziegfeld’, Selection, (Adamson/Donaldson/Berlin), Pt. 2 – You Never Looked So Beautiful; You, (EM). Col FB1477

London 3/9/36
CA15903-1 My, What A Different Night, (Gordon/Revel), (EM). Col FB1505
CA15904-1 Everybody Dance, (Gordon/Revel), (JL). Col FB1505

London 4/9/1936
0EA3849-1 ‘Everything is Rhythm’, Selection, (Nolan/Meskill/Ray), Pt. 1 – The Internationale; Life is Empty, (EM). HMV BD368
0EA3850-1 ‘Everything is Rhythm’, Selection, (Nolan/Meskill/Ray), Pt. 2 – Man of My Dreams, (JL); Sky High Honeymoon. HMV BD368

London 9/10/36
CA15976-1 ‘Swingtime’, Selection, (Kern), Pt. 1 – The Waltz in Swing Time; A Fine Romance, (JL). Col FB1531
CA15977-2 ‘Swingtime’, Selection, (Kern), Pt. 2 – Never Gonna Dance; The Way You Look Tonight,(EM). Col FB1531
CA15978-1 Music from the Movies, Pt. 1 – Gaumont British March; Celebratin’; When You’ve Got a Little Springtime in Your Heart, (JL); Say the Word and its Yours. Col FB1545
CA15979-1 Music from the Movies, Pt. 2 – She Shall Have Music; A Little Dash of Dublin, (EM); Over My Shoulder. Col FB1545

London 13/12/36 (Conductor – Peter Yorke)
0EA3955-1 ‘Head Over Heels’, Selection, (Gordon/Revel), Pt. 1 – Through the Courtesy of Love; Head Over Heels, (JL). HMV BD400
0EA3956-1 ‘Head Over Heels’, Selection, (Gordon/Revel), Pt. 2 – There’s That Look in Your Eyes; May I Have the Next Romance With You, (JL). HMV BD400

London 15/12/36
CA16111-1 Music from the Movies, (Louis Levy), March, Col FB1607
CA16112-1 Empire Builders, (Hubert Bath), March, Col FB1607

London 1/2/37
0EA3967-1 ‘Pennies From Heaven’, Selection, (Burke/Johnstone), Pt. 1 – One Two Button Your Shoe, (JL); So Do I. HMV BD409
0EA3968-1 ‘Pennies From Heaven’, Selection, (Burke/Johnstone), Pt. 2 – Let’s Call a Heart a Heart; Pennies From Heaven, (RA). HMV BD409
CA16181-1 Jingle of the Jungle, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(JL). Col FB1636
CA16182-1 The Eyes of the World are on You, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman), (RA). Col FB1636

London 25/2/1937
0EA3973-1 Turning the Town Upside Down,(Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(JL). HMV BD416
0EA3974-1 Taking a stroll round the park,(Erard),(CE). HMV BD416
CA16242-1 Looking around corners for you,(Gordon/Revel),(JL). Col FB1651
CA16243-1 There’s that look in your eyes again,(Gordon/Revel),(JL). Col FB1651

London 7/4/37
0EA4737-1 ‘Splinters in the Air’, Selection, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman), Flying High; Watching the Stars, (JL). HMV BD425
0EA4738-1 ‘Take My Tip’, Selection,(Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman), Birdie Out of a Cage; I Was Anything But Sentimental, (GF). HMV BD425

London 8/4/37
CA16329-1 ‘That Girl from Paris’ Selection, (Schwartz/Heyman), Pt. 1 – Love and Learn; Call to Arms, (RA). Col FB1678
CA16330-1 ‘That Girl from Paris’ Selection, (Schwartz/Heyman), Pt. 2 – Seal it With a Kiss, (RA). Col FB1678

London 10/5/1937
0EA5012-1 Swing High, Swing Low, (Freed/Lane), (JL). HMV BD429
0EA5013-1 Will you remember ? (Young/Romberg), (GF). HMV BD429
CA16379-1 ‘Gold Diggers of 1937’, Selection, (Dubin/Warren/Harburg/Arlen), Pt. 1 – All’s Fair in Love and War; Let’s Put Our Heads Together, (JL). Col FB1699
CA16380-1 ‘Gold Diggers of 1937’, Selection, (Dubin/Warren/Harburg/Arlen), Pt. 2 – Speaking of the Weather; With Plenty of Money and You, (GF). Col FB1699

London 16/6/37
0EA5263-1 ‘Shall We Dance’, Selection, (Gershwin/Gershwin), Pt. 1 – Shall we Dance; Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, (JL); They All Laughed. HMV BD435
0EA5264-1 ‘Shall We Dance’, Selection, (Gershwin/Gershwin), Pt. 2 – They Can’t Take That Away from Me, (GF). HMV BD435
CA16422-1 ‘Melody For Two’, Selection, (Dubin/Warren), Pt. 1 – Jose O’Neill (The Cuban Heel); Melody for Two, (JL). Col FB1717
CA16423-1 ‘Melody For Two’, Selection, (Dubin/Warren), Pt. 2 – September in the Rain, (GF). Col FB1717

London 25/8/1937
0EA5304-1 ‘On the Avenue’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 1 – Slumming on Park Avenue; This Years Kisses, (JL). HMV BD452
0EA5305-1 ‘On the Avenue’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 2 – You’re Laughing at Me; I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (GF). HMV BD452
CA16511-1 ‘Gangway’, Selection, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman), Pt. 1 – Gangway, (JL); Lord And Lady Whoozis. Col FB1754
CA16512-1 ‘Gangway’, Selection, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman), Pt. 2 – When You Gotta Sing; Moon Or No Moon,(GF). Col FB1754

London 7/10/1937
0EA5384-1 ‘Firefly’, Selection, (Harbach/Kahn,Friml,/Stothart/Wright/Forrest), Pt. 1 – He Who Loves and Runs Away; Sympathy, (EB). HMV BD461
0EA5385-1 ‘Firefly’, Selection, (Harbach/Kahn,Friml,/Stothart/Wright/Forrest), Pt. 2 – Giannina Mia; The Donkey Serenade, (GF). HMV BD461
CA16599-1 ‘Broadway Melody Of 1938’,Selection, (Freed/Brown), Pt. 1 – Your Broadway and My Broadway; I’m Feelin’ Like a Million, (GF). Col FB1786
CA16600-1 ‘Broadway Melody Of 1938’, Selection, (Freed/Brown), Pt. 2 – Everybody Sing; Yours and Mine, (EB). Col FB1786

London 8/11/1937
0EA5129-1 ‘Double or Nothing’, Selection, (Burke/Johnston), Pt. 1 – All You Want to do is Dance; It’s the Natural Thing to Do, (EB). HMV BD472
0EA5130-1 ‘Double or Nothing’, Selection, (Burke/Johnston), Pt. 2 – Double or Nothing’ The Moon Got in my Eyes, (GF). HMV BD472
CAX8106-1 Music from the Movies 1937, Selection, (Various), Pt. 1 – March of the Movies; We Saw the Sea; Would You; Top Hat; My Heart and I; Broadway Rhythm. Col DX 814
CAX8107-1 Music from the Movies, 1937, Selection, (Various), Pt. 2 – Where Are You; September in the Rain; Thanks a Million; Lovely Lady; I Saw a Ship a Sailing; March of the Movies. Col DX 814

London 23/2/38
0EA6410-1 ‘Sailing Along’, Selection, (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(Pt. 1 – Trusting My Luck; My Souvenir of Love, (GF). HMV BD526
0EA6411-1 ‘Sailing Along’, Selection, Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman),(Pt. 2 – My Heart Skips a Beat; My River, (EB); Trusting My Luck. HMV BD526
CA16861-1 ‘Rosalie’, Selection, (Porter), Pt. 1 – In the Still of the Night; Who Knows? (EB). Col FB1908
CA16862-1 ‘Rosalie’, Selection, (Porter), Pt. 2 – Close; Rosalie, (GF). Col FB1908

London 3/3/1938
0EA6253-1 A Bouquet of Flowers, (Various), Pt. 1 – Won’t You Buy My Pretty Flowers; Valse des Fleurs; Roses From the South; Hearts and Flowers. HMV BD540
0EA6254-1 A Bouquet of Flowers, (Various), Pt. 2 – Wedding of the Rose; Dear Little Shamrock; Pas des Fleurs; Narcissus; The Last Rose of Summer; Valse des Fleurs. HMV BD540
0EA6255-1 In the Sudan, (Sebek). HMV BD564
0EA6256-1 Babylonian Nights, (Zamecnik). HMV BD564

London 30/3/1938
0EA6283-1 ‘Hollywood Hotel’, Selection, (Jones), Pt. 1 – Let That be a Lesson; I’ve Hitched My Wagon, (EB). HMV BD542
0EA6284-1 ‘Hollywood Hotel’, Selection, (Jones), Pt. 2 – Hooray for Hollywood; Silhouetted in the Moonlight, (GF). HMV BD542
CA16910-1 ‘Everybody Sing’, Selection, (Kahn/Jurmann/Kaper), Pt. 1 – Swing, Mr Mendelssohn; Melody Farm,(GF). Col FB1942
CA16911-1 ‘Everybody Sing’, Selection, (Kahn/Jurmann/Kaper), Pt. 2 – The One I Love, (EB) Col FB1942

London 11/5/38
0EA6313-1 ‘Radio City Revels’, Selection, (Magidson/Wrubel), Pt. 1 – Take a Tip From the Tulip; There’s a New Moon, (EB). HMV BD555
0EA6314-1 ‘Radio City Revels’, Selection, (Magidson/Wrubel), Pt. 2 – Swingin’ In The Corn; Goodnight Angel, (GF). HMV BD555
CA16973-1 ‘Goldwyn Follies’, Selection, (Gershwin/Gershwin), Pt. 1 – Charlie McCarthy; I was Doing All Right, (GF). Col FB1971
CA16974-1 ‘Goldwyn Follies’, Selection, (Gershwin/Gershwin), Pt. 2 – Our Love is here to Stay; Loved Walked In, (EB). Col FB1971

London 11/8/38
0EA6377-1 ‘Joy of Living’, Selection, (Kern), Pt. 1 – Heavenly Party; Just Let me Look at You, (GF). HMV BD582
0EA6378-1 ‘Joy of Living’, Selection, (Kern), Pt. 2 – What’s Good About Goodnight; You Couldn’t be Cuter, (EB). HMV BD582
CA17069-1 Says my Heart, (Loesser/Lane), (EB). Col FB2023
CA17070-1 Strike up the Band, (Gershwin/Gershwin), (GF). Col FB2023

London 16/9/38
0EA6560-1 ‘Paprika’, Selection, (Purcell/Maschwitz/Posford), Pt. 1 – Paprika, A Tandem in the Park, (BL); Magyar Melody. HMV BD588
0EA6561-1 ‘Paprika’, Selection, (Purcell/Maschwitz/Posford), Pt. 2 – Mine Alone; Just Like a Gypsy Band; Mine Alone, (EB). HMV BD588
(The above was also issued on BD634 under the title “Magyar Melody”)
CA17107-1 ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 1 – Alexander’s Ragtime Band; When the Midnight Choo Choo Leaves for Alabam; Blue Skies (BL); Everybody’s Doing It. Col FB2042
CA17108-1 ‘Alexander’s Ragtime Band’, (Berlin), Selection, Pt. 2 – Easter Parade; Now it Can Be Told, (EB); Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Col FB2042

London 30/12/1938
CA17262-1 ‘The Great Waltz’, Selection, (Hammerstein/Strauss), Pt. 1 – Voices of Spring; One Day When we Were Young, (DC); Revolutionary March. Col FB2133
CA17263-1 ‘The Great Waltz’, Selection, (Hammerstein/Strauss), Pt. 2 – Tales from the Vienna Woods; The Bat; I’m in Love With Vienna, (BL); The Blue Danube. Col FB2133

London 2/11/38
0EA7057-2 ‘Carefree’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 1 – The Yam; I Used To Be Colour Blind, (BL). HMV BD613
0EA7058-1 ‘Carefree’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 2 – The Night is Filled with Music; Change Partners, (EB). HMV BD613
CAX8379-1 Music from the Movies, 1938 Selection, (Various), Pt. 1 – In the Still of the Night; My Heaven on Earth; Goodnight Angel, (GF); Love Walked In. Col DX891
CAX8380-1 Music from the Movies, 1938 Selection, (Various), Pt. 2 – Donkey Serenade; Sweetest Song in the World, (EB); Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm; Change Partners; March of the Movies. Col DX891

London 14/2/1939
0EA7365-1 ‘Sweethearts’, Selection, (Herbert), Pt. 1 – On Parade; Wooden Shoes, (BL); Mademoiselle. HMV BD668
0EA7366-1 ‘Sweethearts’, Selection, (Herbert), Pt. 2 – Pretty As A Picture; Sweethearts, (EB). HMV BD668
0EA7367-1 ‘St. Louis Blues’, Selection, (Loesser/Malneck/Lane), Pt. 1 – I Go for That, (BL); Junior. HMV BD671
0EA7368-1 ‘St. Louis Blues’, Selection, (Loesser/Malneck/Lane), Pt. 2 – Blue Nightfall; Let’s Dream in the Moonlight, (EB). HMV BD671

London 20/4/1939
0EA7638-1 ‘Honolulu’, Selection, (Kahn/Warren), Pt. 1 – The Leader Doesn’t Like Music; Honolulu, (SB). HMV BD704
0EA7639-1 ‘Honolulu’, Selection, (Kahn/Warren), Pt. 2 – This Night will be my Souvenir, (EB). HMV BD704
0EA7640-1 Deanna Durbin Memories, (Various), Pt. 1 – It’s Raining Sunbeams; Last Rose of Summer (SB); Chapel Bells. HMV BD711
0EA7641-1 Deanna Durbin Memories, (Various), Pt. 2 – You’re as Pretty as a Picture; My Own (EB); I Love to Whistle. HMV BD711

London 15/6/39 (Abbey Road, Studio 1)
0EA7984-1 ‘Story Of Vernon & Irene Castle’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 1 – Waiting for the Robert E. Lee; Oh, You Beautiful Doll; Missouri Waltz; Yama Yama Man, (EB). HMV BD721
0EA7985-1 ‘Story Of Vernon & Irene Castle’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 2 – Only When You’re in my Arms, (SB); Too Much Mustard. HMV BD721
0EA7986-1 Smiling Through, (Penn). HMV BD723
0EA7987-1 Smoke gets in your eyes, (Kern). HMV BD723

London 26/7/39
OGF27-1 Danny Boy, (Trad.). RZ MR3118
OGF28-1 Wish me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye, (Park/Parr-Davies). RZ MR3118
OGF29-1 I’ve got the Jitterbugs, (Haines/Gruntland). RZ MR3119
OGF30-1 Grandfather’s Bagpipes, (Haines/Harper), Annie Laurie, (Trad.) RZ MR3119
(N.B. Above date was for dubbing the soundtrack of the film “Shipyard Sally” made by Twentieth Century Fox Productions, on to disc.)

GRACIE FIELDS with Orchestra and Choir conducted by LOUIS LEVY
London 19/10/1939 (Issued June 1940)
OGF62-2 (From TT2603/4) I Never Cried So Much in All My Life. Col FB2463 (Note, ‘Recorded in Chelsea Barracks’). Backing side from TT2634 rec. 30/4/1940 does not involve Levy).

London 5/12/1939
CA17716-1 Up to the Minute Medley, Pt. 1 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy, (Porter); I’ll Pray for You, ( king/Hill), (ED). Col FB2341
CA17717-1 Up to the Minute Medley, Pt. 2 – Serenade in Blue, (Gilbert); Fare Thee Well, (Campbell/Eyton/Gay), (SB). Col FB2341
CA17724-1 ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 1 – It’s a Hap Hap Happy Day; Faithful Forever (SB); Bluebirds in the Moonlight. Col FB2346
CA17725-1 ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 2 – We’re All Together Now; I Hear a Dream, (ED). Col FB2346

London 9/1/1940
CA17777-1 ‘Babes in Arms’, Selection, (Rodgers/Hart), Pt. 1 – Babes In Arms; Good Morning (GM). Col FB2368
CA17778-1 ‘Babes in Arms’, Selection, (Rodgers/Hart), Pt. 2 – The Lady is a Tramp; Where or When (ED). Col FB2368
CA17779-1 ‘Band Waggon’, Selection, (Pepper/Gay/Parr-Davies/Hunter), Pt. 1 – Band Waggon; After Dark; Heaven Will Be Heavenly, (ED). Col FB2380
CA17780-1 ‘Band Waggon’, Selection, (gay/Grey?Eyton/Pepper), Pt. 2 – The Only One That’s Difficult; Melody Maker,(GM); Band Waggon. Col FB2380

London 9/7/1940
CAX8790-1 ‘Gone with the Wind’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 1 – Battle Hymn of the Republic; My Old Kentucky Home; Marching Through Georgia; Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground. Col DX981
CAX8791-1 ‘Gone with the Wind’, Selection, (Various), Pt. 2 – Camptown Races; Old Folks at Home; When Johnny Comes Marching Home. Col DX981

London 1/3/1940
CA17863-1 ‘Pinnochio’, Selection, (Washington/Harline), Pt. 1 – Give a Little Whistle, (SB); Turn on the Old Music Box. Col FB2404
CA17864-1 ‘Pinnochio’, Selection, (Washington/Harline), Pt. 2 – Little Wooden Head; When You Wish Upon a Star, (HJ). Col FB2404
CA17865-2 ‘Wizard Of Oz’, Selection, (Harburg/Arlen), – Over the Rainbow; We’re Off to see the Wizard; Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead, (SB/HJ). Col FB2389
CA17866-1 ‘The Great Victor Herbert’, Selection – Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life; Kiss me Again; A Kiss in the Dark, (SB/ED). Col FB2389 13.

London 4/5/1940
CA17978-1 Tunes of the Times No.1, (Various), Pt. 1 – There’s a Boy Coming Home on Leave; Who’s Taking You Home Tonight; A Little Rain Must Fall. Col FB2438
CA17979-1 Tunes of the Times No.1, (Various), Pt. 2 – On Moonlight Avenue; In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room; It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow. Col FB2438

London 6/5/1940
CA17988-1 Walt Disney Medley, (Various), Pt. 1 – See the Funny Little Bunnies; The World Owes me a Living; Lullaby Land; The Penguin is a Very Funny Creature. Col FB2500
CA17989-1 Walt Disney Medley, (Various), Pt. 2 – Whistle While You Work; One Day my Prince Will Come; When You Wish Upon a Star. Col FB2500

London 9/7/1940
CA18064-1 I haven’t time to be a millionaire, (Burke/Monaco), (SB). Col FB2477
CA18065-1 Meet the sun half way, (Burke/Monaco), (SB) Col FB2477

London 4/10/1946
AR10734-2 Piccadilly 1944 (Ellis) Decca K1559
AR10735-2 Boogie Woogie Moonshine (Ellis) Decca K1559
(Both from “Piccadilly Incident”) (Henry Bronkhurst – piano)

London 5/11/1946
AR10829-1 ‘Blue Skies’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 1 – Blue Skies; Always; Heat Wave. Decca K1572
AR10830-1 ‘Blue Skies’, Selection, (Berlin), Pt. 2 – Getting Nowhere; A Pretty Girl is like a Melody; You Keep Coming Back Like a Song; Blue Skies. Decca K1572

London 5/11/1946
AR10831-1 Romance, (Paganini arr. P. Green) Decca K1577
(From “The Magic Bow”) (Solo violin, Reginald Leopold)

London 3/1/1947
AR11006-1 Cole Porter Suite, No. 1 – Night and Day; I Get a Kick Out of You. Decca K1633
AR11007-1 Cole Porter Suite, No. 2 – Begin the Beguine Decca K1633
AR11008-1 Cole Porter Suite, No. 3 – My Heart Belongs to Daddy; In the Still of the Night; Let’s Do It. Decca K1634
AR11009-1 Cole Porter Suite, No. 4 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin; Don’t Fence me In; Anything Goes. Decca K1634
AR11010-2 Moto Perpetuo (Paganini) (Fr. “The Magic Bow”) Decca K1577

Happy Days, (Bob Busby) (Film “Holiday Camp” released August 1947) FM24

London 12/9/47
DR11523-1-2 Ramona, (Wayne). Decca F8928
DR11524-1-2 A Perfect Day, (Bond). Decca F9018
DR11525-1 Little Grey Home in the West, (Löhr). *(LP)LF1077
DR11526-1-2-3 Because, (D’Hardelot). Decca F9018

London 15/9/1947
DR11527-1-2 My First Love, My last love, (B. Reid). Decca F8811
DR11528-1-2-3 Marta, (Gilbert/Simons). Decca F8870
DR11529-1-2 I Want the World to Know, (Campbell/Thompson).Decca F8811
DR11530-1-2 Home (When Shadows Fall), (Steedman/Clarkson).Decca F8870

London 22/9/47
DR11553-1 By the Light of the Silvery Moon, (Madden). Decca F8962
DR11554-1-2 Nellie Dean, (Armstrong). Decca F8962
DR11555-1 Hear my Song, Violetta, (Klose/Lukesch). *(LP)LF1077
DR11556-1 In the Gloaming, (Hill). *(LP)LF1077

London 25/9/47
DR11564-1 A little love, a little Kiss, (Silesu). *(LP)LF1077
DR11565-1 When Day is Done, (Katscher/De Sylva). rejected
DR11567-1 Kiss me Again, (Herbert). *(LP)LF1077
DR11568-1 Mighty like a Rose, (Nevin). *(LP)LF1077

London 7/10/47
DR11610-1 I’ll Walk Beside You, (Murray). *(LP)LF1077
DR11611-1 Teddy Bear’s Picnic, (Bratton/Kennedy). Decca F8821

London 9/10/1947
DR11612-1-2 Just a Cottage Small, (Hanley/De Sylva). Decca F8928

London 16/10/47
DR11635-1 Love Everlasting, (Friml). *(LP)LF1077
DR11636-1 At Dawning, (Cadman). **
DR11637-2 Parade of the Tin Soldiers, (Jessel). Decca F8821
DR11638-1 Serenata, (Toselli). **
(* Not issued as a 78 rpm record)(** Issued only in South Africa, catalogue no. unknown)

London 5/11/1948
AR12903-1 George Gershwin Suite Pt. 1 – Strike Up the Band; Embraceable You; Do,Do,Do. Decca K2117
AR12904-1 George Gershwin Suite Pt. 2 – Love Walked In; Swanee; Someone to Watch Over Me. Decca K2117
AR12905-1 George Gershwin Suite Pt. 3 – ‘S Wonderful; I Got Rhythm; Bidin’ My Time. Decca K2118
AR12906-1 George Gershwin Suite Pt. 4 – But Not For Me; Somebody Loves Me; Of Thee I Sing. Decca K2118
(K2117/18 re-mastered on LP Ace of Clubs ACL1245)

London 10/1/1949
AR13126-1 Richard Rodgers Suite Pt. 1 – Dancing On The Ceiling; Johnny One Note; With A Song In My Heart. Decca K2179
AR13127-1 Richard Rodgers Suite Pt. 2 – The Girl Friend; There’s a Small Hotel’; Thou Swell. Decca K2179
AR13128-1 Richard Rodgers Suite Pt. 3 – Little Blue Girl; Mountain Greenery; Where Or When. Decca K2180
AR13129-1 Richard Rodgers Suite Pt. 4 – Here in My Arms; My Heart Stood Still; The Lady is a Tramp. Decca K2180

London 30/6/1950
OEA14858-1A Soundtrack, The Dancing Years, Pt.1 I Can Give You the Starlight – Giselle Preville. HMV B9966
OEA14859-1A Soundtrack, The Dancing Years, Pt. 2 – Waltz of my Heart – Giselle Preville. HMV B9966

London 5/7/1950
AR15191-1 Legend for piano & orchestra (Docker) Pt. 1 Decca K2369
AR15192-1 Legend for piano & orchestra (Docker) Pt. 2 Decca K2369 (With Robert Docker at the piano)
AR15195-1 Portrait of Clare (Schumann arr. F. Rapley) Decca K2376
AR15196-1 The Beggar Theme (Francis Chagrin) Decca K2376

London ?/?/1951
MSC43 ‘Kiss Me Kate’, Selection, (Porter), Pt. 1 – Wunderbar; Why Can’t You Behave. Decca F9659
MSC44 ‘Kiss Me Kate’, Selection, (Porter), Pt. 2 – Another Opening, Another Show; Always True to You in my Fashion. Decca F9659
MSC45 Kiss Me Kate Selection, Pt. 3 – Were Thine That Special Face; I Sing of Love. Decca F9660
MSC46 Kiss Me Kate Selection, Pt. 4 – So in Love. Decca F9660

London 30/6/1951
OEA15748-2A Soundtrack, ‘Happy Go Lovely’, (Spoliansky/Fishman/Gordon), Pt.1 – One Two Three (Dialogue – V. Ellen & D. Niven). HMV B10116
OEA15749-1A Soundtrack, ‘Happy Go Lovely’, (Spoliansky/Fishman/Gordon), Pt. 2 – Would You? (Orchestra & Chorus). HMV B10116

London 15/10/1953
OEA17684-3B Over and Over Again, (Wayne), Alma Cogan & Les Howard HMV B10601
OEA17685-4A Isn’t Life Wonderful, (Park), Alma Cogan & Les Howard with the Peter Knight Singers. HMV B10601
Soundtrack ‘Let’s Be Happy’, (Brodszky/Webster), (May 1957)
H2PB457 One is a lonely number (Tony Martin) RCA 1002
H2PB458 The Man from Idaho (T. Martin/ V. Ellen)* RCA 1002
VV1043-A I’m going to Scotland (Vera Ellen)* Nixa NEP24043
Hold on to love (Denis Lotis)** Nixa NEP24043
The Golfer’s Glide (Denis Lotis)** Nixa NEP24043
VV1043-B Let’s Be Happy Nixa NEP24043
The Card Ballet Nixa NEP24043
*7”, 45RPM, The voice of Vera Ellen was dubbed in by Eve Boswell.
**Denis Lotis dubbed in place of Tony Martin, under contract to RCA, on “Hold on to Love”, the introduction features the voice of Tony Martin.

Soundtrack “The Good Companions”, 1957 (Rossi/Roberts/Parsons), starring Eric Portman, Hugh Griffith, Bobby Howes, John Fraser, Janette Scott.
TCE226-1 “Good Companions” Parlophone GEP8604
“This kind of love” Parlophone GEP8604
“Where there’s you there’s me” (J. Fraser)* GEP8604
“If only” (Janette Scott) ** Parlophone GEP8604
TCE227-1 “Round the world in eighty minutes” Parlophone GEP8604
* The voice of John Fraser was dubbed in by Michael Holliday.
** The voice of Janette Scott was dubbed in by ?

NB: Both Janette Scott and John Fraser sing selections from this film on a Nixa 78rpm disc, with the Beryl Stott Chorus and the Tony Osborne Orchestra.

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