7 Amazing Instagram Profiles featuring 78rpms!

Social media is a great way to connect with other collectors – take the 78rpm Collectors’ Community for example!

So we’ve put together a list of what we consider to be the top 7 Instagram accounts related to 78rpms.

Instagram is a wonderful way for collectors to feature photos and videos of their 78rpm records and collections.

Our top 7 amazing instagram profiles on the net featuring 78rpms are:

Number 1

Sounds of Memory

Sounds of memory features an amazing collection of iconic and stylised photos relating to 78rpms and the 78rpm era! Includes interesting videos. Highly recommended, this is why we’ve given it number one spot on our list!

Visit the Instagram profile here –instagram.com/sounds_of_memory

Number 2

Vocalion 78

Another excellent 78rpm instagram account featuring interesting and rare 78rpm labels as well as photos related to collecting 78s!

Visit the Instagram profile here –instagram.com/vocalion78

Michael also has a YouTube channel –youtube.com/user/gamelan78s

Number 3

Ceints de Bakelite

Many collectors will be aware of this Instagram profile as Ceints de Bakelite is well known for his CD releases of 78rpms as well as his presence on YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram and some 78rpm mailing lists/groups. Ceints de Bakelite also has an account here, on the 78rpm Collectors’ Community. His Instagram account features interesting ethnic 78rpm labels as well as photos related to collecting and recording!

Visit the Instagram profile here –instagram.com/ceintsdebakelite

Number 4


Shellacster is a worthy participant on this list as his Instagram account personifies the 78rpm asthetic! His account features superb scans of interesting, rare and highly collectable 78s!

Visit the Instagram profile here instagram.com/shellacster

Number 5

Phonograph dj mac

We’ve donated number five spot toMichael Cumella’s Instagram account. Michael has been an antique phonograph DJ since 1995. He is also a video shooter/preditor fender bass player and record collector / archivist / writer and music. His Instagram account features superb photos related to 78rpms. Check out his website here: www.michaelcumella.com and…

Visit the Instagram profile hereinstagram.com/phonographdjmac

Number 6

Musik Koffer

Musikkoffer features mostly 78rpm playback and recording machines, wireless, early t.v. models, iconic decals, insignia and logos realted to 78rpms. It also features photos of Presto and Rek-O-Kut recording lathes. This Instagram account is highly recommended viewing!

Visit the Instagram profile hereinstagram.com/musikkoffer1045

Number 7

…And not forgetting us, we’ve included our instagram profile here as well..!

78rpm Community

We couldn’t resist adding our own Instagram account to our list. We feature mostly content from the 78rpm Community as well as photo excerpts of our Discographer Magazine.

Visit our Instagram profile hereinstagram.com/78rpms


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