Dorothy Carless 78 RPM Discography

Researched and Prepared by Terry Brown

Dorothy Carless 78 RPM Discography

London 28 June 1934 – New Mayfair Dance Orchestra – Directed by Ray Noble
OB-7431-2 – Nasty Man (Yellen/Caesar/Henderson) – Vocal DC (HMV B6499)

London 18 December 1937 – New Mayfair Orchestra cond. Ben Frankel
OEA-5945-1 – Damsel in Distress Selection Pt. 1 (George & Ira Gershwin) – I Can’t be Bothered Now, Things are Looking Up (Vocal DC), Jolly Tar, The Milkmaid – HMV BD486.
OEA-5946-1 – Damsel in Distress Selection Pt. 2 (George & Ira Gershwin) – A Foggy Day, Nice Work if you can Get It (Vocal DC & Bert Yarlett), Stiff Upper Lip – HMV BD486

London 10 June 1938 – Philip Green & his Orchestra
CE-9223-1- Two Bouquets (Kennedy/Carr) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1172)
CE-9224-1- This Time its Real (Shivers/Bernier/Emmerich) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1172)

London 25 October 1938 – Billy Mayerl (piano solos)
CA-17150-1- Heart and Soul (Loesser/Carmichael) – Vocal DC (Columbia FB2079)
CA-17151-1- Mayfair Merry Go Round (Kennedy/Carr) – Vocal DC (Columbia FB2079)

London 30 December 1938 – Louis Levy & his Orchestra
CA-17262-1- The Great Waltz Film Selection Pt. 1 – Voices of Spring, One Day When we Were Young, Revolutionary March (Hammerstein/Strauss) – Vocal DC (Columbia FB2133)
OEA-7199-1- The Mikado Selection Pt. 2 (Gilbert & Sullivan) – Vocals DC (HMV BD653)

London circa February 1939 – Two Voices & a Piano (DC & Sam Costa)
CAR-5283-1 – You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby (Mercer/Warren) – (Regal Zonophone MR2984)
Car-5284-1- I Miss You in the Morning (Leslie/Burke) – (Regal Zonophone MR2984)

London 1 April 1939 – The Six Swingers – Directed by George Scott-Wood
CA-17404-1- Hold Tight (Brandon/Scotswood) – Vocal The Cavendish Three – DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold – (Columbia FB2204)

London 31 May 1939 – The Six Swingers – Directed by George Scott-Wood
CA-17475-1- Boogy Boogy Boo (Honlere/Summers) – Vocal The Cavendish Three – DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold – (Columbia FB2252)
CA-17476-1- Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Baker’s Man (Razaff/Johnson/Waller) – Vocal The Cavendish Three – DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold – (Columbia FB2252)

London 13 July 1939 – Eugene Pini & his Tango Orchestra
OEA-8024-1- This is the Kiss of Romance (Parish/Delettre) – Vocal DC (HMV BD736)

London 20 January 1940 – The Cavendish Three (DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold) with Orchestra
CA-17789-1- Daisy Bell (In Swing) (Harry Dacre) – (Columbia FB2379)
CA-17790-1- Memory Corner No. 1 – Say it With Music (Irving Berlin), Whispering (John Schonberger), Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) – (Columbia FB2379)
CA-17791-1- Southern Songs Medley – Carry me Back to Old Virginny (James Bland), When it’s Sleepy Time Down South (Muse/Rene), Swanee River (Stephen Foster) – (Columbia FB2416)
CA-17792-1-1 I Gotta Robe (Traditional) – (Columbia FB2416)

London 13 February 1940 – The Cavendish Three (DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold) with piano
CA-17827-1- Memory Corner No. 2 – My Heart Stood Still (Rogers/Hart), I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles (Kenbrovin/Kellette), The Man I Love (George & Ira Gershwin) – (Columbia FB2400)
CA-17828-1- Eadie Was a Lady (De Sylva/Whiting/Brown) – (Columbia FB2400)

London 4 June 1940 – The Cavendish Three (DC, Kay Cavendish, Pat Rignold) with Orchestra
CA-18032-1- Paris to Piccadilly Medley (Various) – (Columbia FB2456)
CA-18033-1- Memory Corner No. 3 – Blue Moon (Rogers/Hart), Dark Town Strutters Ball (Shelton Brooks), Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man (Hammerstein/Kern – (Columbia FB2456)
CA-18036-1- Shakespeare in Rhythm – Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind, Sigh No More Ladies, O Mistress Mine (Shakespeare/Young) – (Columbia FB2472)
CA-18037-1- The Last Rose of Summer (T.Moore) – (Columbia FB2472)

London 29 June 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE -10519-1 – A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Maschwitz/Sherman) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1751)

London 13 July 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10532-1 – I Can’t Love You Anymore (Any more Than I Do) (Magidson/Wrubel) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1760)

London 23 August 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10551-1 – Love Stay in my Heart (Harry Parr-Davies) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1768)
CE-10552-1- The Breeze and I (Stillman/Lecuona) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1769)

London 2 October 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10574-1 – All the Things You Are (Hammerstein/Kern) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1780)
CE-10575-1- I’m Nobody’s Baby (Davis/Ager/Santley) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1779)

London 7 November 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10595-1 – Trade Winds (Tobias/Friend) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1789)
CE-10596-1- Where Was I? (Dubin/Harling) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1790)
CE-10597-1 – Until You Fall in Love (Carr/Popplewell) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1790)

London 16 November 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10635-1- Goodnight Again (Herb Magidson) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1792)

London 19 November 1940 – Hatchett’s Swingtette
DR-5116-1- Brother Jackie (Frere Jacques) (Trad.) – Vocal DC (Decca F7682)
DR-5118-1 – All the Things You Are (Hammerstein/Kern) – Vocal DC (Decca F7682)
DR-5119-1- Beat me Daddy (Eight to a Bar) (Raye/Prince/Sheeby) – Vocal DC (Decca F7697)
DR-5120-1- Liza (George & Ira Gershwin) – Vocal DC (Rejected)
DR-5121-1- Sweet Sweetheart (Unknown) – Vocal DC (Rejected)

London 2 December 1940 – Jack White & his Band
OEA-8946-1- The Badge from your Coat (Mills/Nichols) – Vocal DC (HMV BD5646) Note: Side issued as by New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
CA-18248-1 – The Badge from your Coat (Mills/Nichols) – Vocal DC (Columbia FB2549) Note: Side issued as by The Masqueraders

London 12 December 1940 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10649-1- And So Do I (de Lange/Mann/Weiss) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1799)
CE-10650-1- I’ll Always Love You (Watson/Denby) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1800)
CE-10651-1 – Our Love Affair (Freed/Edens) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1799)

London 17 January 1941 – Jay Wilbur & his Band
R-5254-1- Five O’Clock Whistle (Myrow/Gannon/Irwin) – Vocal DC (Rex 9915)
R-5255-1 – We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me) (Robertson/Cogane/Mysells) – Vocal DC (Rex 9915)

London 24 January 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10669-1- Moon for Sale (Connor/Sherwin) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1810)
CE-10670-1 – All in Favour Say ‘Aye’ (Cliff Friend) – Vocal DC, George Evans, Len Camber (Parlophone F1809)

London 7 February 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10680-1- We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) (Robertson/Cogane/Mysells) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1813)
CE-10682-1- Room Five-Hundred-and-Four (Maschwitz/Posford) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1813)

London 20 March 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10704-1- Frenesi (Charles/Russell/Whitcup/Dominguez) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1824)

London 3 April 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10711-1- I’d Know You Anywhere (Mercer/McHugh) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F 1828)
CE-10712-1- Two Dreams Met (Gordon/Warren) – Vocal DC & Len Camber (Parlophone F1827)

London 7 April 1941 – Hatchett’s Swingtette
DR-5555-1- Papa’s in Bed with His Breeches On (Jesse Stone) – Vocal DC (Decca F7860)
DR-5556-1- Scrub me Mama with a Boogie Beat (Martha Raye) – Vocal DC (Decca F7860)

London 3 May 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10736-1- Prairie Mary (Tobias/Baer) – Vocal DC, George Evans & chorus (Parlophone F1851)
CE-10737-1- There I Go (Weiser/Zaret) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1841)

London 3 May 1941 – The Organ, The Dance Band And Me – Directed by Billy Thorburn
CE-10740-1- Come, Happy Day (Hutter/Gay) – Vocal DC (Rejected)

London 26 May 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10743-1- Love at Last (Cherkose/Press) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1847)
CE-10744-1- Amapola (Gamse/Lacalle) – Vocal DC & Len Camber (Parlophone F1835)
CE-10745-1- Yes, My Darling Daughter (Lawrence/Sirmay) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1835)

London 6 June 1941 – Hatchett’s Swingtette
DR-5823-1- Come, Happy Day (Hutter/Gay) – Vocal DC (Decca F7894)
DR-5824-1- She Had Dark and Dreamy Eyes (Douglas/Hughes) – Vocal DC &Dave Fullerton (Decca F7895)
DR-5825-1- Oh! How he Misses the Missus (Butler/Gay) – Vocal DC (Decca F7895)

London 25 June 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10755-1-1 Beneath the Lights of Home (Grossman/Jurman) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1847)
CE-10756-1- There Goes That Song Again (Allie Wrubel) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1848)

London 30 July 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10783-2- Just a Little Cottage (Gerry Mason) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1853)

London 26 August 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10796-1- Russian Rose (Miller/Charles) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1861)
CE-10797-1- My Sister and I (Zaret/Whitney/Kramer) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1860)
CE-10798-1- Daddy (Bobby Troup) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1860)
CE-10800-1- Sand in My Shoes (Loesser/Schertzinger) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1861)

London 25 September 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10820-1- When the Sun Comes Out (Koehler/Arlen) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1869)
CE-10821-1- Starlight Serenade (Kennedy/Heykens) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1870)
CE-10822-1- Yours (Shirr/Roig) – Vocal DC & Len Camber (Parlophone F1870)

8 November 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10848-1- You and I (Meredith Willson) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1872)
CE-10849-1- I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire (Deiler/Marcus/Benjamin/Durham) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1873)
CE-10851-1- While the Music Plays On (Fiers/Mills/Heim) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1872)
CE-10852-1- Why Don’t We do This More Often? (Newman/Wrubel) – Vocal DC & Jackie Hunter (Parlophone F 1874)

London 11 December 1941 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10866-1- I Guess I’ll Have to Dream the Rest (Stoner/Block/Green) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1880)
CE-10869-1- That Lovely Weekend (Moira & Ted Heath) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1881)

London 19 January 1942 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10889-1- Elmer’s Tune (Albrecht/Gallop/Jurgens) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1892)
CE-10890-1- Jim (Shawn/Petrillo/Rose) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1892)
CE-10891-1- Do You Care? (Quadling/Elliot) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1889)
CE-10901-1- Baby Mine (Washington/Churchill) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1894)

London 13 February 1942 – Dorothy Carless accomp. by Eugene Pini & his Orchestra
DR-6691-1 – Jim (Shawn/Petrillo/Rose) – (Decca F8070)
DR-6670-1- Do You Care? (Quadling/Elliot) – (Decca F8070)

London 3 April 1942 – Dorothy Carless accomp. by Eugene Pini & his Orchestra
DR-6759-1- I’ll Always Remember (Burton/Kent/Grenet) – (Decca F8120)
DR-6760-1- How About You (Freed/Lane) – (Decca F8120)

London 15 April 1942 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10930-1- Russian Lullaby (Irving Berlin) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1904)
CE-10932-1- This is No Laughing Matter (Loman/Block/Frisch) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1905

London 5 May 1942 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-10939-1- I Don’t Want to Walk Without You (Loesser/Styne) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1907

London 25 June 1942 – Ambrose & his Orchestra
DR-6866-1 – I Threw a Kiss in the Ocean (Irving Berlin) – Vocal DC (Decca F8182)

London 7 July 1942 – Dorothy Carless accomp. by Eugene Pini & his Orchestra
DR-6878-1- Autumn Nocturne (Gannon/Myrow) – (Decca F8168)
DR-6879-1- Whispering Grass (Doris & Fred Fisher) – (Decca F8168)

London 11 May 1943 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11083-1- Where’s My Love? (Barnett/Fielding) – Vocal DC (Parlophone 1977)
CE-11081-1- You Too Can Have a Lovely Romance Guest/Sherwin) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1978)

London 1 June 1943 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11085-1- Why Don’t You Fall in Love With Me? (Lewis/Wayne) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1982)

London 30 July 1943 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11111-1- Never a Day Goes By (Parish/de Rose/Donaldson) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1988)
CE11112-1- Take it From There (Robin/Rainger) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1988)

London 4 October 1943 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11131-1- I Want to Be in Dixie (Irving Berlin) – Vocal DC & Johnny Green (Parlophone F1998)
CE-11132-1- Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Clarke/Muir/Abrahams) – Vocal DC, Johnny Green & chorus (Parlophone F1998)
CE-11133-1- In the Blue of the Evening (Blair/daTega) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F1996)
CE-11134-1- Walking by the River (Sour/Carlisle) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F2003)

London 12 January 1944 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11167-1- Thanks for the Dream (Cugat/Gonzales) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F2005)

London 28 January 1944 – Dorothy Carless with Orchestra Directed by Sid Bright
CAR-6494-1- No Love No Nothing (Robin/Warren) – (Regal Zonophone MR3726)
CAR-6495-1- A Journey to a Star (Robin/Warren) – (Regal Zonophone MR3726)

London 11 February 1944 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11192-1- It Can’t be Wrong (Gannon/Steiner) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F2012)

London 15 March 1944 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11209-1- I’m Sending My Blessing (Dubin/Gilbert/Gay) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F2017)

London 18 April 1944 – Geraldo & his Orchestra
CE-11213-1- Tenement Symphony (Borne/Kuller/Golden) – Vocal DC (Parlophone F2021)

Brussels – Circa. Feb. /March 1945 – Dorothy Carless accomp. by Gus DeLoof & his Band
V7064 – I Dream of You (Connor/Carr) – (Victory 9011)
V7065 – On the Sunny Side of the Street (Fields/McHugh) – (Victory 9015)
V7066 – Summertime (DuBose Heywood/Gershwin) – (Victory 9015)
V7070 – Accentuate the Positive (Mercer/Arlen) – (Victory 9011)
V7071 – Perdido (Jaun Tizol) – (Victory 9014)
V7081 – Can’t Help Loving That Man (Hammerstein/Kern) – (Victory 9021)
V7082 – Stormy Weather (Koehler/Arlen) – (Victory 9021)
V7085 – Don’t Fence me In (Cole Porter) – (Victory 9014)
????? – I’ll Remember April (Raye/de Paul) – (Victory ????)
????? – Together (de Sylva/Brown/Henderson) – (Victory ????)

London 17 October 1945 – The Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra
DR-9728-2- (You Came Along) From Out of Nowhere (Heyman/Green) – Vocal DC (Decca F8575)
DR-9729-2- (All of a Sudden) My Heart Sings (Rome/Herpin/Jambia) – Vocal DC (Decca F8575)

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