Parlophone’s ‘Race Series’ 78rpm Discography

The ‘Race Series’ was issued at the rate of one record per month from January 1936 until the end of the year, with the remaining five records being presented between February and October 1937.

In general the material selected did cover fairly well the black musical spectrum of the late 1920’s, with the exception of spirituals and country blues. But the series also included some rather doubtful ‘Race’ items. There were three sides by the white minstrelsy comedian and vocalist, Emmett Miller (did Parlophone equate black-face with black man?); and the final two sides in the series were by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra, but the vocals were sung by Ethel Waters. [⦿R2394]

Apart from the first four records in the series, [⦿ R2147; ⦿ R2163; ⦿ R2177 and ⦿ R2186], the labels bore the sub-title “The Negro and His Music”.

The Parlophone company never regarded its ‘Race’ series as part of the ‘Rhythm-Style’ series. It was always listed separately, and was never issued on the blue ‘Rhythm-Style’ label. Sales figures for the series were not excessive, even when combined with overseas sales, which led to many titles being deleted from the catalogue as early as 1942.


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Black Devils: (shown as The Red Devils on the original Columbia release.) Unknown (comb, kazoo); Henry Brooks (piano); Bruce Hinkson (violin); Benny Nawahi (banjo, ukulele, director); vocalist unknown

New York, 2 February 1931
⦿ R2380 (Race No.32) Dinah 151260-1
⦿ R2380 (Race No.31) Tiger Rag 151261-1

Lillie Delk Christian (vocal), accompanied by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Four: Louis Armstrong (clarinet,vocal); Jimmie Noone (clarinet); Earl Hines (piano); Mancy Cara (guitar)

Chicago, 11 December 1928
⦿ R2234 (Race No.16) Baby 402207-B

Chicago 12 December 1928
⦿ R2234 (Race No.15) I Must Have That Man 402209-B

Wilton Crawley (clarinet solo) with accompaniment: Eddie Hayward (piano); Eddie Lang (guitar)

New York, 31 May 1928
⦿ R2163 (Race No.3) Old Broken Up Shoes 400725-B

The Harlem Footwarmers:
Arthur Whetsel (trumpet); Barney Bigard (clarinet, tenor); Duke Ellington (piano); Sonny Greer (drums); Joe Nanton (trombone); Fred Guy (banjo); Wellman Braud (bass)

New York, 2 August 1929
⦿ R2305 (Race No.26) Snake Hip Dance 402553-B

Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra:

Russell Smith (trumpet); Joe Smith (trumpet); Tommy Ladnier (trumpet); Jimmy Harrison (trombone); Benny Morton (trombone); Jule Cole (brass bass); Buster Bailey (clarinet, alto); Don Redman (clarinet, alto); Coleman Hawkins (cllt,tenor); Fletcher Henderson (piano); Kaiser Marshall (drums); Charlie Dixon (banjo)

New York, 28 April 1927
⦿ R2283 (Race No.23) Livery Stable Blues 144064-3

CLAUDE HOPKINS Claude Hopkins and His Orchestra

Albert Snaer (trumpet); Edmund Hall (clt, alto, bar); Claude Hopkins (piano); Pete Jacobs (drums); Sylvester Lewis (trumpet); Gene Johnson (alto); Walter Jones (bjo, guitar); Ovie Alston (trumpet, vocal); Bobby Sands (tenor); Fernando Arbello (trombone); Fred Norman (trombone); Lonnie Johnson (vocals)

New York, 11 January 1934
⦿ R2283 (Race No.24) Harlem Rhythm Dance 152668-2

Lonnie Johnson (Guitar solos)

Memphis, 21 February 1928
⦿ R2259 (Race No.20) Playing With Strings 400277-B
⦿ R2259 (Race No.19) Stompin’ ‘Em Along Slow 400278-B

Louis Metcalf (trumpet); Charlie Holmes (clt, alto); Luis Russell (piano, celeste); Henry Hicks (trombone); Charlie Grimes (tenor); Elmer Snowden (banjo); Henry Edwards (brass bass)

New York, 15 April 1929
⦿ R2212 (Race No.16) African Jungle 401797-C

Emmett Miller and His Georgia Crackers:
Emmett Miller (vocal) accompanied by: Leo McConville or Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet, alto); Arthur Schutt (piano); Stan King (drums); Manny Klein (trumpet); Eddie Lang (guitar); Tommy Dorsey (trombone)

New York, 9 August 1928
⦿ R2270 (Race No.21) St. Louis Blues 401061-B

New York, 8 January 1929
⦿ R2163 (Race No.4) I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None O’ This Jelly Roll 401509-A

New York, 5 September 1929
⦿ R2270 (Race No.22) Lovin’ Sam (The Sheik of Alabam’) 402932-A

Luis Russell and His Burning Eight:
Louis Metcalf (trumpet); Charlie Holmes (clt, alto); Luis Russell (piano); Paul Barbarin (drums); J.C. Higginbotham (trombone); Teddy Hill (tenor); Will Johnson (banjo, gtr); William Moore (brass bass); Walter Pichon (vocal)

New York, 15 January 1929
⦿ R2186 (Race No.7) It’s Tight Like That 401534-A

Luis Russell and His Orchestra:

Henry Allen (trumpet); Albert Nicholas (clt, alto); Luis Russell (piano); Paul Barbarin (drums); Otis Johnson (trumpet); Charlie Holmes (sop, alto); Will Johnson (banjo, gtr); J.C. Higginbotham (trombone); Teddy Hill (tenor); Pops Foster (bass); Jesse Cryor (vocal – R2212); Andy Razaf (vocal – R2186)

New York, 24 January 1930
⦿ R2225 (Race No.14) Saratoga Shout 403680 A

New York, 29 May 1930
⦿ R2212 (Race No.11) Poor Li’l Me 404048-C
⦿ R2186 (Race No.8) On Revival Day 404049-B

Ed Allen (comet): Frank Robinson (bsx, harm, vocal); Willie ‘The Lion’ Smith (piano); Clarence Williams (jug, descant recorder, vocal); Fats Waller (vocal)

New York, 6 December 1929
⦿ R2329 (Race No.28) Wipe ‘Em Off 149690-6

Bessie Smith (vocal), accompanied by: Louis Armstrong (comet); Fred Longshaw (piano – Cold in Hand Blues /organ – St. Louis Blues)

New York, 14 January 1925
⦿ R2344 (Race No.29) St. Louis Blues 140241-1
⦿ R2344 (Race No.30 ) Cold In Hand Blues 140250-2

Accompanied by:
Louis Metcalf (trumpet); Clarence Williams (?) (piano); Unknown (drums); William W. Christian (trombone)

New York, 11 June 1931
⦿ R2329 (Race No.27) In House Blues 151594-1

Victoria Spivey (vocal), accompanied by: Louis Armstrong (trumpet); Jimmy Strong (tenor); Gene Anderson (piano); Zutty Singleton (drums); Fred Robinson (trombone); Mancy Cara (banjo)

New York, 10 July 1929
⦿ R2177 (Race No.6) Funny Feathers 402525-C
⦿ R2177 (Race No.5) How Do You Do It That Way 402526-A

Ethel Waters (vocal), accompanied by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra:
Charlie Teagarden (trumpet); Benny Goodman (clarinet); Joe Sullivan (piano); Gene Krupa (drums); Shirley Clay (trumpet); Art Karle (tenor); Dick McDonough (guitar); Jack Teagarden (trombone); Artie Bernstein (bass)

New York, 27 November 1933
⦿ R2394 (Race No.34) I Just Couldn’t Take It, Baby 152566-2
⦿ R2394 (Race No.33) A Hundred Years From Today 152567-2

Clarence Williams and His Washboard Five:

Ed Allen (comet); Buster Bailey (clarinet); Clarence Williams (piano, vocal); Floyd Casey (washboard); Cyrus St. Clair (brass bass)

New York, 13 April 1927
⦿ R2305 (Race No.5) Cushion Foot Stomp 80688-E

Clarence William’s Washboard Band:
Ed Allen (comet); Unknown (clarinet, alto); Clarence Williams (piano); Floyd Casey (washboard)

New York, 2 July 1929
⦿ R2243 (Race No.17) Whoop It Up 402490-A

Charlie Gaines (trumpet); Arville Harris (clarinet); Clarence Williams (piano); Floyd Casey (washboard); Margaret Webster (vocal)

New York, 9 October 1929
⦿ R2147 (Race No.1) I’ve Got What It Takes 403046-B

Charlie Gaines (trumpet); Arville Harris (clarinet, alto); James P. Johnson (piano, celeste); Clarence Williams (vocal)

New York, 19 November 1929
⦿ R2243 (Race No.18) You Don’t Understand 403280-C
⦿ R2147 (Race No.2) (Oh! Baby) What Makes Me Love You So? 403281-A

Clarence William’s Orchestra:
Charlie Gaines (trumpet); Russell Procope (clt, alto); James P. Johnson (piano); Geechie Fields (?) (trombone); Arville Harris (clt, tenor); Leroy Harris (banjo); Cyrus St. Clair (brass bass)

New York, 15 January 1930
⦿ R2225 (Race No.13) I’ve Found A New Baby 403631-A

Clarence Williams’ Washboard Band:
Charlie Gaines or Prince Robinson (clarinet); Clarence Williams (piano); Floyd Casey (washboard); Henry Allen (trumpet)

New York, 23 April 1930
⦿ R2203 (Race No.9) Whip Me With Plenty Of Love 403972-A
⦿ R2203 (Race No.10) Worn Out Blues 403973-B

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