The Keith Prowse Sponsored Parlophone 78s

Compiled and Written by Frank Philips

(First published here with the expressed permission of the Estate of Mr. Phillips. No reproduction allowed whatsoever.)

During the months of February and March 1927, London music publishers Keith Prowse & Co. Ltd. of Denmark Street, London W.C.2, sponsored the issue on Parlophone of eight jazz records derived from Okeh masters.

This fact was mentioned by Brian Rust in his book ‘The American Label Book’ (page 172), but failed to identify these records. After discussing this point with fellow collectors, it was concluded that they were possibly the block covered by catalogue numbers R3256 – R3263.

A subsequent study of the Parlophone catalogue for 1930/31 showed the numbers to be more probably as shown below, since E3258* & R3263 were Scottish songs performed by John McKay & Company, John W. McKenzie respectively.

New Orleans Rhythm Kings – Golden Leaf Strut
New Orleans Rhythm Kings – She’s Crying For Me

Albert Hunter – If You Can’t Hold The Man You Love
Butterbeans & Susie – Mama Stayed Out All Night Long

Benny Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra – Kater Street Rag
George McClennon (clarinet solo)Larkin Street Blues

Arthur Simms’s Creole Roof Orchestra – Soapstick Blues
Arthur Simms’s Creole Roof Orchestra – How Do You Like It?

Earl Rickard – The Blues Have Got Me
Shelton Brooks – When You’re Really Blue

Johnny Bayersdorffer’s Orch’ – I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Riding Now
Johnny Bayersdorffer’s Orch’ – Waffle Man’s Call

Hersal Thomas (piano) – Hersal Blues
Clarence Jones’s Orchestra – Arm Breaker

Parenti’s Famous Melody Boys – Cabaret Echoes
Hersal Thomas (piano) – Suitcase Blues

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*At that time Parlophone were operating a numbering system using a continuous sequence of numbers with a prefix letter of either E or R.
*All 78rpm recordings.

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