Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends – A Discography

Researched and compiled by Terry Brown

Carroll Gibbons (4/1/1903-10/5/1954) was born in Clinton, Massachusetts and attended the New England Conservatory in Boston to study classical piano. Popular music became his major diversion and in 1924 he went to London and was appointed pianist to The Boston Orchestra based in the Berkeley Hotel. He led his own band, the Sylvians, at the Savoy Hotel in 1926 and a year later took over the leadership of the celebrated Savoy Orpheans.

In 1928, the Orpheans disbanded and Gibbons became Director of Light Music for the Gramophone Company, where he formed a house band for its HMV label, the New Mayfair Dance Orchestra. In 1929 he had a brief spell as Musical Director for British and Dominion Films, before returning to the US for a year or so working for MGM and composing for Broadway.

In 1931 he returned to London as co-director with Howard Jacobs, of the New Savoy Orpheans, eventually becoming sole leader. He broadcast frequently from the hotel, and apart from the full orchestra, he formed a small group known as Carroll Gibbons and his Boyfriends. The Boyfriends were drawn from the main orchestra and usually consisted of, Bill Shakespeare (trumpet), George Melachrino (clarinet/violin), Bert Thomas (guitar), Jack Evetts (string bass), and Harry Jacobson (2nd piano).

The Boyfriends began recording for Columbia Records from 17/12/1931, sometimes as accompanists to various vocalists also under contract to Columbia. Gibbons individual piano style was to the fore, with some excellent support from the other players. The Boyfriends last recording was made on 27/8/1939. Gibbons remained at the Savoy until his death in May 1954.

Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends Discography

All issues as by Carroll Gibbons and his Boyfriends, except where shown.
(Note should be made of HMV B3110, Reaching For Someone (Walter Donaldson) (Bb17180-1) and Mean To Me (Turk/Ahlert) (Bb17181-1) rec., 12/7/29, and HMV B3347, Body and Soul (Eyton/Heyman/Sour/Green) (Bb18368-2) and Moonbeam Dance, (Gibbons) (Bb18369-1) rec., 19/2/1930, both as by Carroll Gibbons and his Playmates, a precursor to the Boyfriends group).

All Boyfriend issues appeared on the Columbia Label, as follows:

DB732 Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries (Brown/Henderson) (17/12/31) – CA12287-1 no vocal/Sleepy Time Down South (Rene/Muse) (31/12/31) – CA12282-3 no vocal

DB789 Home (Van Steeden/Clarkson) (24/2/32) – CA12467-1 no vocal/You Try Somebody Else (De Sylva/Brown/Henderson) (24/2/32) – CA12468-1 no vocal

DB805 Can’t We Talk It Over? (Washington/Young) (5/4/32) – CA12562-1 vocal?/Now That Your Gone (Kahn/Fiorito) (5/4/32) – CA12563-1 vocal ?

DB899 Ooh! That Kiss (Dixon/Young/Warren) (20/6/32) – CA12821-2 no vocal/Cabin In The Cotton (Parish/Perkins) (7/7/32) – CA12868-2 no vocal

DB1000 Matty Malneck (violin) with Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, I’ll Never Be the Same (Kahn/Malneck/Signorelli) (9/11/32) – CA13232-1 vocal Cecile Petrie/So At Last It’s Come to This (Kahn/Malneck/Signorelli) (9/11/32) – CA13233-1 vocal Cecile Petrie

DB1001 Matty Malneck (violin) with Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Till Tomorrow (Malneck/Campbell/Connelly) (9/11/32) – CA13234-2 vocal Cecile Petrie/On The Air (Gibbons/Campbell/Connelly) (9/11/32) – CA13235-2 vocal Cecile Petrie

DB1072 Sylvia (Scollard/Speaks) (2/3/33) – CA13475-1 vocal The Hon. W. Brownlow/Blue Moon (So People Say) (Westrup/Fisher) (2/3/33) – CA13476-1 vocal The Hon. W. Brownlow

DB1081 Frances Maddux accomp. by Carroll Gibbons (piano) & Len Fillis (guitar) – Fit As A Fiddle (Freed/Hoffman/Goodhart) (2/2/33) – CA13388-1/Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends – What More Can I Ask, intro. Brighter Than the Sun (Ray Noble) (From film ‘The Little Damozel’), (2/3/33) – CA13477-1 no vocal

DB1099 Three Wishes (Posford) (From ‘The Good Companions’), (30/3/33) – CA13541-1 no vocal/Let Me Give My Happiness To You (Posford) (From ‘The Good Companions’), (30/3/33) – CA13542-1 no vocal

DB1125 Anona Winn accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, What Have We Got to Lose (Hi-Ho Lack-a Day) (Kahn/Kent/Alter) (1/4/33) – CA13457-1/That’s All That Matters to Me (Magidson/Stept) CA13549-1

DB1137 Shuffle Off To Buffalo (Warren) (From film ’42nd Street’), (2/4/33) – CA13553-1 vocal? /What Have We Got to Lose (Heigh Ho – Lack-A-Day) (Kahn/Kent/Alter) (1/5/33) – CA13623-1 vocal?

DB1152 In A Park In Paree; Look What I’ve Got (Rainger) (From film ‘A Bedtime Story’) (28/6/33) – CA13762-1 no vocal/You Are Too Beautiful (Rodgers/Hart) (From film ‘Hallelujah, I’m A Tramp’) – (28/6/33) – CA13763-1 no vocal

DB1163 Carroll Gibbons piano solo, ‘Give Me A Ring’ medley, A Couple Of Fools In Love; I’m Getting Warmer (Broones) (28/6/33) – CA13764-1 no vocal/Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Tony’s Wife (Lane) (28/6/33) – CA13765-1 no vocal

DB1168 On The Other Side Of Lover’s Lane (Gibbons) (20/3/33) – CA13806-1 no vocal/I’m Getting Sentimental Over You (Bassman) (20/7/33) – CA13808-1 no vocal

DB1263 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, Close Your Eyes (Petkere) (8/1/34) – CA14234-1 no vocal/You’ve Got Everything (Kahn/Donaldson) (8/1/34) – CA14247-1 no vocal

DB1297 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, There’s a Ring Around The Moon (Green) (31/10/33) – CA14111-1 no vocal/’Nymph Errant’ selection, It’s Bad For Me; How Could We Be Wrong; Experiment (Cole Porter) (15/11/33) – CA14161-1 no vocal

DB1303 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, ‘The Way To Love’ film selection, In a One Room Flat; It’s Oh, It’s Ah; It’s Wonderful ((Robin/Rainger) (11/11/33) – CA14150-1 no vocal/’Footlights Parade’ film selection, Sitting On a Backyard Fence (Kahal/Fain); Shanghai Lil (Dubin/Warren); Ah ! The Moon Is Here (Kahal/Fain) (11/11/33) – CA14151-1 no vocal

DB1309 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, Ain’t She Dainty (Harry Woods) (From film, ‘Aunt Sally’) (15/11/33) – CA14159-1 no vocal/ I Want a Fair And Square Man (Harry Woods) (From film ‘Aunt Sally’) (15/11/33) – CA14160-1 no vocal

DB1314 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, Who Do You Think You Are (Green) (From ‘Mr Whittington’) (31/10/33) – CA14110-1 no vocal/What a Pleasant Suprise (Green) (From ‘Mr Whittington’) (11/11/33) – CA14149-1 no vocal

DB1326 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, You’re Such a Comfort to Me, intro. Good Morning (Gordon/Revel) (From film ‘Sitting Pretty’) (8/1/34) – CA14242-1 no vocal/Everything I Have Is Yours, intro. My Dancing Lady (Adamson/Lane/Fields/McHugh) (From film My Dancing Lady’) (8/1/34) – CA14243-1 no vocal

DB1333 (also FB1437) Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, On The Air (Gibbons/Campbell/Connelly) (16/1/34) – CA14269-1 no vocal/Living In Dreams (Green) (16/134) – CA14270-1 no vocal

DB1350 Gloria Grafton accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, I’ll Follow My Secret Heart (Noel Coward) (from ‘Conversation Piece’) (28/2/34) – CA14363-2/Nevermore (Noel Coward) (from ‘Conversation Piece’) (28/2/34) – CA14364-2

DB1368 Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, Not Bad (Green) (From film ‘Big Business’) (1/2/34) – CA14322-2 no vocal/What Now? (Green) (From film ‘Big Business’) (1/2/34) – CA14323-1 no vocal

DB1397 Love Is Love Anywhere (Arlen) (From film ‘Let’s Fall In Love’) (23/5/34) – CA14506-1 no vocal/Let’s Fall in Love (Arlen) (From film ‘Let’s Fall In Love’) (23/5/34) – CA14507-1 no vocal

DB1398 ‘He’s Not Dressing’ film selection, She Reminds Me Of You; Love Thy Neighbour (Gordon/Revel) (23/5/34) CA14508-1 no vocal/May I? ; Goodnight Lovely Little Lady (Gordon/Revel) (23/5/34) – CA14509-2 no vocal

DB1424 Bobby Howes accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Let’s Dress For Dinner Tonight (David/Silver) (19/7/34) – CA14609-1/Yes Sir! I Love Your Daughter (Magidson/Conrad) (19/7/34) – CA14610-2

DB1442 (also FB1360) Carroll Gibbons and John W. Green piano duo with their Boyfriends, Terence’s Farewell to Kathleen (trad.) (1/2/34) -CA14320-1 no vocal/The Kerry Dance (Molloy) (1/2/34) – CA14321-1 no vocal

DB1459 Bobby Howes accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Why Wasn’t I Told ? (Carter/Ellis) (From film ‘Over the Garden Wall’) (19/7/34) – CA14607-1/Wrap Yourself in Cotton Woo (Carter/Ellis) (From film ‘Over the Garden Wall) (19/7/34) – CA14608-1

DB1478 You’ve Got To Admit (Gibbons) (From Hi-Diddle- Diddle) (14/11/34) – CA14782-1 no vocal/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern) (14/11/34) – CA14783-1 no vocal

DB1487 Judy (Carmichael/Lerner) (14/11/34) – CA14784-1 no vocal/Stars Fell On Alabama (Perkins) (14/11/34) – CA14785-1 no vocal

DB1556 Hildergarde accomp. by Carroll Gibbons Boyfriends For Me For You (Towers/Arden) (20/5/35) – CA15064-2/Darling je-vous aime beacoup (Sosenko) (20/5/35) – CA15065-1

DB1557 (also FB1134) Les Allen accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Seein’ is Believing (Adams/Ager) (20/5/35) – CA15062-1/Rehearsing a Lullaby (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman) (20/5/35) – CA15063-1

FB1095 When The First Piccaninny Was Born (Connor/Lisbona) (15/7/35) – CA15160-1 vocal Marjorie Stedeford/Black Coffee (Sigler/Goodhart/Hoffman) (15/7/35) – CA15161-1 vocal Marjorie Stedeford

FB1096 According To the Moonlight (Yellen/Magidson/Meyer) (From film George White’s Scandals of 1935), (15/7/35) – CA15159-1 vocal Marjorie Stedeford/It’s An Old Southern Custom (Yellen/Meyer) (From film George White’s Scandals of 1935), (15/7/35) – CA15162 vocal Marjorie Stedeford

FB1134 (see DB1557 above)

FB1189 The Piccolino (Irving Berlin) (From film ‘Top Hat’) (15/10/35) – CA15362-1 no vocal/Top Hat, White Tie & Tails (Irving Berlin) (From film ‘Top Hat’) (15/10/35) – CA15362-1 no vocal

FB1190 Hildergarde accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Cheek to Cheek (Irving Berlin) (from film ‘Top Hat’) (15/10/35) – CA15360-2/Isn’t This a Lovely Day (Irving Berlin) (from film ‘Top Hat’) (15/10/35) – CA15361-2

FB1279 ‘Thanks A Million’ film selection, Thanks A Million; Sugar Plum; I’m Sitting High On A Hilltop (Kahn/Johnson) (16/1/36) – CA15530-2 no vocal/’Coronado’ film selection, Keep Your Fingers Crossed; All’s Well; You Took my Breath Away (Coslow/Whiting) (16/1/36) – CA15531-1 no vocal

FB1351 ‘The Charm School’ film selection, You Hit The Spot; I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze (Gordon/Revel) (4/3/36) – CA15647-1 no vocal/’To Beat The Band’ film selection, Eeeny Meeny Miney Mo (Mercer/Malneck); If You Were Mine (Bryan/Meyer) (4/3/36) – CA15648-1 no vocal

FB1352 If You Love Me (Ray Noble) (4/3/36) – CA15649-1 no vocal/A Couple of April Fools (Kennedy/Carr) (4/3/36) – CA15650-1 no vocal

FB1360 (see DB1442 above)

FB1401 Hildergarde accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends The Glory of Love (Billy Hill) (1/5/36) – CA15739-1/The Touch of Your Lips (Ray Noble) (1/5/36) – CA15740-1

FB1437 (see DB1333 above)

FB1459 You, (Adamson/Donaldson) (from film ‘The Great Ziegfeld) (30/6/36) – CA15816-2/You Never Looked so Beautiful, (Adamson/Donaldson) (from film ‘The Great Ziegfeld) (30/6/36) – CA15817-1

FB1471 Breakin’ In A Pair of Shoes (Washington/Franklin/Stept) (30/6/36) – CA15832-1 no vocal/Sugar Rose (Ponce/Waller) (30/6/36) – CA15833-1 no vocal

FB1588 ‘Sing Baby Sing’ film selection, Sing Baby Sing (Yellen/Pollack); You Turned The Tables On Me (Mitchell/Alter) (7/12/36) – CA16091-1 no vocal/’Big Broadcast of 1937′ film selection, Here’s Love In Your Eyes; I’m Talking Through My Heart (Robin/Ranger) (7/12/36) – CA16092-1 no vocal

FB1603 ‘Born To Dance’ film selection, Easy To Love; Rap Tap On Wood (Cole Porter) (7/12/36) – CA16089-1 no vocal/I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Cole Porter) (7/112/36) – CA16090-1 no vocal

FB1631 Carroll Gibbons Looks Back, (side 1) Margie (Conrad/Robinson); Whispering (Schonberger); Some of These Days (Brooks) (3/2/37) – CA16200-1 no vocal/(side 2) Chinatown, My Chinatown (Schwartz); My Sweetie Went Away (Turk/Handman); I A’int Got Nobody ((Graham/Williams) (3/2/37) – CA16201-1 no vocal

FB1644 With Thee I Sing (Stillman/Hyde/Adlam) (3/2/37) – CA16199-1 no vocal/side 2 (Carroll Gibbons piano solo), Midnight In Mayfair (Newell Chase) (3/2/37) – CA16202-1 no vocal

FB1697 ’23 ½ Hours Leave’ selection, Now You’re Talking My Language; Goodnight My Lucky Day; It Must Be Love (Koehler/Stept) (6/5/37) – CA16364-1 no vocal/‘Swing High, Swing Low’ film selection, Swing High Swing Low; I Hear a Call to Arms; Panamania (Freed/Lane) (6/5/37) – CA16368-1 no vocal

FB1698 La De De, La De Da, (Peter de Rose) (6/5/37) – CA16363-1 no vocal/side 2 Carroll Gibbons piano solo, Watching The Stars, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman) (From film ‘Splinters In The Air’), (6/5/37) – CA16367-1 no vocal

FB1712 Hildergarde accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, (G. & I. Gershwin) (from film ‘Shall We Dance) (20/5/37) – CA16393-1/They Can’t Take That Away From Me, (G. & I. Gershwin) (from film ‘Shall We Dance) (20/5/37) – CA16394-1

FB1724 Tomorrow Is Another Day, (Kahn/Kaper/Jurmann) (From film ‘A Day At The Races’), (7/7/37) – CA16456-1 no vocal/I Was Anything But Sentimental, (Lerner/Goodhart/Hoffman) (From film ‘Take My Tip’), (7/7/37) – CA16457-1 no vocal

FB1726 Hildergarde accomp. by Carroll Gibbons & his Boyfriends, This Years Kisses, (Irving Berlin) (from film ‘On the Avenue) (20/5/37) – CA16395-1/I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, (Irving Berlin) (from film ‘On the Avenue’) (20/5/37) – CA16396-1

FB1736 ‘Wake Up and Live’, film selection, Wake Up and Live; There’s A Lull In My Life; Never In A Million Years, (Gordon/Revel) (7/7/37) – CA16458-1 no vocal/’The Hit Parade’, film selection, Sweet Heartache (Washington/Stept); Love is Good For Anything That Ails You; Was it Rain? (Handman/Hirsch) ((7/7/37) – CA16459-1 no vocal

FB1783 You’re Here, You’re There, You’re Everywhere (Kahal/Loeb) (11/10/37) – CA16610-1 no vocal/Foolin’ Myself (Lawrence/Tinturin) (11/10/37) – CA16611-1 no vocal

FB1805 ‘You Can’t Have Everything’ film selection, The Lovliness Of You; Afraid To Dream; Please Pardon Us, We’re In Love (Gordon.Revel) (11/10/37) – CA16618-1 no vocal/’High Wide & Handsome’ film selection, Can I Forget You?; The Folks Who Live On The Hill (Hammerstein/Kern) (11/10/37) – CA16619-1 no vocal

FB1817 She’s My Lovely, (Vivian Ellis) (From ‘Hide and Seek’) (2/11/37) – CA16656-1 no vocal/If It’s the Last Thing I Do (Cahn/Chaplin) (2/11/37) – CA16657-1 no vocal

FB1849 Carroll Gibbons Looks Back (side 1), You Forgot To Remember (Irving Berlin); My Heart Stood Still (Rogers/Hart); I’ll See You Again (Noel Coward) (23/11/37) – CA16658-3 no vocal/(side 2), My Blue Heaven (Donaldson/Whiting); Can’t Help Lovin Dat Man (Hammerstein/Kern); This Years Kisses (Irving Berlin) (23/11/37) – CA16659-3 no vocal

FB1869 ‘Damsel in Distress’ film selection, Nice Work if You Can Get it; A Foggy Day; Things Are Looking Up (G. & I. Gershwin) (8/1/38) – CA16770-1 no vocal/’Life Of The Party’ film selection, Life Of The Party (Madigson/Wrubel); Roses In December (Jessel/Oakland) (8/1/38) – CA16672-1 no vocal

FB1870 ‘Mr Dodd Takes The Air’ film selection, Am I In Love ?; Remember Me (Dubin/Warren) (8/1/38) – CA16773-1 no vocal/’Double Or Nothing’ film selection, It’s The Natural Thing To Do; The Moon Got In My Eyes; Smarty (Burke/Johnston/Freed/Lewis) (8/1/38) – CA16771-1 no vocal

FB1892 ‘Big Broadcast of 1938′ film selection, Mama, That Moon Is Here Again; The Waltz Lives On; You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart (Robin/Ranger) (26/1/38) – CA16804-2 no vocal/’Hitting a New High’ film selection, This Never Happened Before; Let’s Give Love Another Chance; I Hit a New High (Jimmy McHugh) (26/1/38) – CA16805-1 no vocal

FB1893 Have You Got Any Castles Baby? (Mercer/Whiting) (From film ‘Varsity Show’), (26/1/38) – CA16806-1 no vocal/I Double Dare You (Shand/Eaton) (26/1/38) – CA16807-1 no vocal

FB1939 ‘Sally, Irene and Mary’ film selection, I’ve Got My Mind On Music; Sweet As a Song; I Could Use a Dream (Gordon/Revel) (8/7/38) – CA17043-1 no vocal/’Radio City Revels’ film selection, Take a Tip From The Tulip; Goodnight Angel (Magidson/Wrubel) (8/738) – CA17045-1 no vocal

FB1941 ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ film selection, Heigh Ho; With a Smile and a Song; Someday My Prince Will Come; One Song (Morey/Churchill) (31/3/38) – CA16912-1 no vocal/’Hollywood Hotel’ film selection, Silhouetted In The Moonlight; Let That Be a Lesson To You; I’ve Hitched My Wagon To a Star (Mercer/Whiting) (31/3/38) – CA16913-1 no vocal

FB1952 ‘Love and Hisses’ film selection, Be a Good Sport; Sweet Someone; I Wanna Be In Winchell’s Column (Gordon/Revel) (31/3/38) – CA16914-1 no vocal/’Manhattan Music Box’ film selection, Have You Ever Been In Heaven ?; Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm (Jerome/Byron/Kent); I Owe You (Gene Autry) (31/3/38) – CA16915-1 no vocal

FB2005 ‘Cocoanut Grove’ film selection, Says My Heart; You Leave Me Breathless (Loesser/Lane/Freed/Hollander) (8/7/38) – CA17044-1 no vocal/’Swing Teacher Swing’ film selection, How’d Ja Like To Love Me; Moments Like This(Loesser/Lane); College Swing (Loesser/Carmichael) (8/7/38) – CA17046-1 no vocal

FB2080 ‘Carefree’ film selection, Change Partners; I Used To Be Colour Blind (Irving Berlin) (28/10/38) – CA17160-1 no vocal/The Yam; The Night Is Filled With Music (Irving Berlin) (28/10/38) – CA17161-1 no vocal

FB2130 ‘That Certain Age’ film selection, You’re As Pretty As a Picture; My Own; Be a Good Scout (Adamson/McHugh) (9/1/39) – CA17284-1 no vocal/’The Gay Imposters’ film selection, (Film titled, Gold Diggers in Paris, in US), I Wanna Go Back To Bali; Daydreaming; The Latin Quarter (Mercer/Dubin/Warren) (9/1/39) – CA17285-1 no vocal

FB2221 Moonlight and Roses (Lemaire’s Andantino) (N.Moret) (3/5/39) – CA17435-1 no vocal/Birth of the Blues (De Sylva/Brown/Henderson) (3/5/39) – CA17436-1 no vocal

FB2264 ‘East Side Of Heaven’ film selection, Sing a Song Of Sunbeams; That Sly Old Gentleman (Burke/Monaco) (25/739) – CA17531-1 no vocal/East Side of Heaven; Hang Your Heart On a Hickory Limb (Burke/Monaco) (25/739) – CA17532-1 no vocal

FB2281 Magnolias in the Moonlight (Bullock/Schertzinger) (25/7/39) – CA17554-1 no vocal/Chloe (N. Moret) (22/8/39) – CA17555-1 no vocal

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