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The 78rpm Collectors’ Community is a social network for collectors of 78rpms recordings, phonographs, memorabilia, recording machines and the history of the 78 rpm recording era.

We are a social group of collectors of 78rpm records – with a member base of over 6800 worldwide. Started in 2009 as a place for collectors to discuss and enjoy the hobby of collecting old-style records. It has steadily grown to become a premier research hub, archive and resource library for users to research record labels and recording artists with extensive user-created discographies on a range of record labels, artists and record genres available. Its  interface is similar to FaceBook. It is free to join.

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  • The following index lists the most commonly accessible and highly regarded 78rpm resources found on the 78rpm Collectors’ Community website. Many of the resources come from highly regarded source material which is now out of [...]
  • A growing list of occasional Weekend Projects, on a variety of topics, to help the novice collector of 78rpms   How to Package 78rpms This fool-proof, step-by-step guide to packaging 78rpms, will ensure a safe [...]

In the Spotlight

Phyllis Robins – Sheffield’s Blond Bombshell

by Nathan Davis in 78rpm 1

Written by Terry Brown Petite Phyllis Robins, at just five foot tall, delighted radio audiences and the record buying public alike, for more than twenty years with a vocal style that ranged from torchy smooth [...]
In the Spotlight

Parlophone’s ‘Race Series’ 78rpm Discography

by Nathan Davis in 78rpm 0

The ‘Race Series’ was issued at the rate of one record per month from January 1936 until the end of the year, with the remaining five records being presented between February and October 1937. In [...]

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The End of the Golden Age of Chicago-Style Jazz

by Nathan Davis in 78rpm 0

Written by Missy Kyzer Missy Kyzer is a 20year old college student from Southern California attending the University of California, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Music & Culture. She aspires to be a professional [...]
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Reginald Foresythe – Discography

by Nathan Davis in 78rpm 0

Researched and Prepared by Terry Brown For a biography on Reginald Foresythe, please see article here (part 1) and here (part 2) [Key: ⦿ 78rpm Electric] PAUL HOWARD’S Quality Serenaders: Paul Howard (ts), George Orendorff [...]