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Index last updated: 19 July 2013

Some abbreviations used in this index:

Apx - Apex
Bb - BlueBird
Br - Brunswick
Cap - Capitol
Col - Columbia
Col(A) - Columbia (Australia)
Cq - Conqueror
Dec - Decca
Mel - Meltone
Mus - Musicraft
Par - Parlophone / Paramount
Per - Perfect
Pol - Polydor
Reg - Regal
Regal Zonophone - Regal Zonophone (Australia)
Rex - Rex
Sil - Silvertone
Stn - Standard
Swi - Swing
Var - Varsity
Ver - Verve
Vic - Victor
Voc - Vocalian
Zon - Zonophone

And others. Please see additional label info

The following BETA index features the following 78rpms of popular dance bands, singers and the like.

  • Victor 19,000 Series (from 19,400 onwards…)
  • Victor 20,000 Series
  • Victor 21,000 Series
  • Victor 22,000 Series
  • Victor 23,000 Series, Victor 24,000 Series (Some limited entries)
  • Victor V-40,000 Series
  • Victor 35,000 Series (from 35,700 onwards…)
  • Decca (Mostly jazz from the 300's to 4000's and then 18,000's to 29,000's as well as 40,000's…)
  • Columbia (English) (mostly from 100 to 40,000 - limited entries and some 'A's' - such as A1033)
  • Brunswick (mostly 4000's)
  • Parlophone (E 3000's; some E 4000's; E 5000's; some E 6000's; F 100 to F 600; F 1300 to F 1600; R 100 to R 700's; R 1000 to R 4000)
  • An additional 16,500 entries were added - 10 July 2013 = total 66,500 entries to popular database!

This index also features some Bluebird (Bb), Columbia (US, UK and AUS), Musicraft (Mus), Harmony (Har), Edison (Ed), Rex (Rex), Capitol (Cap), oKeh, Vocalion, MGM, Regal, Paramount and many other 78rpm labels.

Currently this index contains over 66,500 entries and will be expanded soon. Special thanks to Mickey Clark from M.C.Productions Vintage Recordings for the use of his extensive database. Also many thanks to Wes Williams and John Rogers for additional materials.


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