H.M.V. 'C' Series

Notes on ‘C' Series

- All 'C' releases were 12inch

- As this was an English series, we have used English spellings for performers and compositions

- The 'C' series were acoustic recordings

- The index was last updated: June 201

The 'C' listing (at present) features most of the series from C-47 to C-4094. (There are gaps still to be 'filled')

With a few exceptions, the 'C' Series was the domestic, English 12inch plum label series from H.M.V.

The series follows a steady chronological order of issue (not of recording) and thus, approximately, the following dates can be ascertained:

  • C 1205 - 2000     1925-1930
  • C 2000 - 3000     1930-1938
  • C 3000 - 3500     1938-1946
  • C 3500 - 4000     1946-1950
  • C 7000 -              Automatic Couplings

A select few high 'C' numbers (around 4800) appear to have been assigned to Swedish issues.

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