G&T Series (Single Sided)

The Gramophone Co. (HMV) Single Sided listings

The numbering system used for single-sided G&T records is described in British Labels: 4. The Gramophone Company (HMV) 1898-1925 .

The source data base currently contains all material from the British Library Early-record-catalogues for The Gramophone Co. and HMV up to and including December 1909, and The Gramophone Co. General catalogue for December 1907.

Updates will include up to December 1914, and the Second and later series, are in progress and will be available soon on this site...

First Series

  • British 7 and 10 inch 16 Nov 1898 to 31 Dec 1909
  • British 12 inch 01 to 04999 Bands,Orchestras, Speech, Male and Female Vocal Solo, Multiple Vocal. 1903 to 31 Dec 1909
  • British 12 inch 05000 to 09999 Other Instrumental and Miscellaneous. 1903 to 31 Dec 1909
  • Oriental (1xxxx)
  • Russian (2xxxx)
  • French  (3xxxx)
  • German (4xxxx)
  • Italian (5xxxx)
  • Spanish (6xxxx)
  • Austro-Hungarian (7xxxx)  and Czech/Hungarian.
  • Scandinavian (8xxxx)
  • Dutch/Belgian. (9xxxx)

Second and Subsequent Series

..Coming soon..


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