Firstly, a few things:

  • Using this search engine requires some knowledge about classical compositions and performers (especially  performers from the 78rpm era). In most cases, we've only listed the performers' last name - such as Menuhin, Ormandy, Rachmaninov as most collectors will be familiar with the performers entire name.
  • We assume that you understand that roman numerals listed after a 'group' of records means how many sides a composition fits. For example, I-VI - means the composition is spread over six (6) sides of a three-record set.
  • If a recording or recordings belong to a set - we've include the name of the set (such as Hugo Wolf Society - Volume 4) to help identification.
  • If a composition fits an odd side of records (ie. I-V) - we've included the details of the additional side, if known.
  • In rare cases, we may have abbreviated a composition's full title for brevity.
  • Our search engine will allow users to search using a variety of inputs for the DB and DA series - including date of recording, composition, performer and record number.

I can't seem to find the information on 78rpm record I'm looking for!

Try these simple tips:

  1. Try keeping your keywords relevant to your search. Our search engine works best when you keep it simple. For example, instead of looking for "Pro Arte Quartet" - search for "Pro Arte" as this will filter your results to that specific ensemble.
  2. Try keeping your keywords to a minimum.
  3. Try a variety of spellings and don't forget to try alternative abbreviations - such as BBC instead of B.B.C.
  4. Our index uses English terms without diacritical marks (ie. without accents) - so, for example, when searching for Furtwängler use - Furtwangler (and) use Ljungberg instead of Ljüngberg

The search engine returned too many results!

This will occur if the database has numerious entries matching your keyword(s). To overcome this problem, reduce your keywords or filter your results by trying the tips found above...

The search engine didn't return any results - even though it should have!

There may be a number of reasons for this. It's possible you:

  1. Mis-spelt your keyword(s)
  2. Searched for words too small in characters or too large in characters or 
  3. The entry you want has been spelt in its native language. 

Also don't forget that the entry may be missing from our database as well - remember, we are in BETA at the moment...

Are there limits on how many keywords can be searched?

Yes. Words that are less than 2 charcacters in length are ignored by our search engine. For example, you can't search for "DB" or "to" or "if" as these are common words found within the database and are quite useless for accurate matching. The maximum character length is 30.

I have material that I'm willing to share and that might be of interest to this project. How can I help?

There are a number of ways you can help this project:

  1. Providing us with your discography work
  2. Identifying errors
  3. Proof-reading and error detection

Can I print out my search results?

Currently, the only way to print your search results is to print your browser page. Printing and pdf creation is being implemented soon - remember, this is a BETA application!

Where can I get additional help?

Try our Search Help page...

Can I use the information contained here on another website or blog?

Yes, but all we ask you to do is attribute your source. Please use the linkback URL: http://www.78rpmcommunity.com/indexsearch

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