Columbia 'S' Series

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The Columbia 'S' series was a short lived series featuring mostly classical music recorded with various missing instrumental parts - so that a practicing instrumentalist could accompany the recording performing the missing part. Most of the recordings were of excellent performances of trios, quartets, and quintets with the part of one instrument- piano, violin, cello, clarinet, oboe, etc.‚ omitted. 

All recordings were supplied with the requisite sheet music as part of the price.

This series featured 'complete' sets (in albums) as well as single records.

Recordings were placed on a gramophone, the music on your piano or music-stand, the listener awaited the tempo-setting beats, and then added their contribution to the ensemble already on the records. 

During and because of WW II, Columbia found it necessary to temporarily discontinue all ADD-A-PART recordings.

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