The 78rpm Record Search engine is a free research project that indexes over 100,000 classical related 78rpms from major recording companies of the 78rpm era including H.M.V. (UK), Victor (US) and Columbia (US).

Currently, the index contains the details of 78rpms for the following series:



  • 'Popular' 10inch 78rpms (65,500, 78rpms - Mostly Victor/HMV/Columbia/Decca/Parlophone 10inch)
  • Rex (All 78rpms from this label - 8001 onwards…)

The project is fully funded and hosted by the 78rpm Collectors' Community.

Funding for the project has been procured for the next two years (2014-2015).

A guiding committe has been established to develop the search engine into the leading internet search facility for 78rpm recordings. When fully operational (out of Beta), the database will be larger than the CHARM index.

The goals of the project are:

  • Develop the largest internet search facility specifically for 78rpm classical recordings
  • Extend the database index to include other genres (other than classical) (and)
  • Develop our search engine capabilities to include more detailed search results

© 78rpm Collectors' Community 2015 - This database is copyrighted - The recordings used on this educational/research site are for illustrative purposes only.