The 78rpm Record Search engine is a free research project that indexes over 100,000 classical and popular related 78rpms from major recording companies of the 78rpm era. It's an initiative of the 78rpm Collectors' Community

The 78rpm Collectors' Community is a social network and research centre for collectors of 78rpms recordings, phonographs, memorabilia, recording machines and the history of the 78 rpm recording era.

Currently, the index contains the details of 78rpms for the following series:



  • 'Popular' 10inch 78rpms (65,500, 78rpms - Mostly Victor/ HMV/ Columbia/ Decca/ Parlophone 10inch)
  • Rex (All 78rpms from this label - 8001 onwards…)

As the index grows, additional information on other 78rpm recordings will be added. You can help with this project by contacting usIf you need help with using this search engine, please refer to our FAQs.

Our sitemap can be accessed here.

Additional indexes will be added soon:

  • English Celebrity Series (LX series) - Completion - November 2015 (Currently at LX12000)
  • HMV DB Series - Completion - November 2015 (Auto-couplings remaining)
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