Happy New Year

  • I've just made the New Year update to my site. The first record rings in the
    New Year with the chiming of Big Ben, along with the bells and organ of St.
    Margaret's Church, Westminster, and the noise of London traffic
    (deliberately recorded!). The organist is Stanley Roper on this 1926 HMV

    Then, rather than the traditional Strauss waltzes, polkas and so on, there
    is a group of Gramophone Concert records of music of a similar type but by
    lesser known composers and performers. The "Warschawsky Polka" is played by
    Warschawsky's Orchester (an accordion ensemble), recorded in Moscow in 1903.
    The American bell player Chris Chapman is heard in the Kremer's "Southern
    Girl Gavotte", with orchestral accompaniment, from a Victor matrix of 1907.
    Waldteufel's "Toujours ou jamais" Waltz is ostensibly played by "Clarkes
    London  Concert Band." This turns out to be the Musique de la Garde
    Républicaine recorded 1904 or 1905 in Paris. Curiously, after the end of the
    Waldteufel, there is a gap in the grooves, and then another track - a few
    seconds of a steady single note on a trumpet. Lumbye's "Salut for August
    Bournonville - Galop" is credited to the "Elite Orkester" as a Danish
    orchestra, but this is in fact the Black Diamonds Band, recorded in London
    in 1910.


    Damian Rogan