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Imperial 1201 to 1300

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Imperial 1201 to 1300


Imperial 1206,My Old Kentucky Home (Medley),Ferera & Franchini,
Imperial 1206,Sweet Hawaiian Girl of Mine,Ferera & Franchini,
Imperial 1207,Rio Nights (Waltz),Ferera & Franchini,
Imperial 1207,La Paloma,Ferera & Franchini,Yradiet

Imperial 1224,Swing Song,Miss Margaret Lorenzo (Violin with Piano Accompaniment),Ethel Barnes
Imperial 1224,Le Cygne,Lazos Shuk (’Cello with Piano Accompaniment),Saint-Saens    
Imperial 1225,Little Song,Miss Margaret Lorenzo (Violin with Piano Accompaniment),A. d'Ambrose
Imperial 1225,By the Brook,Miss Margaret Lorenzo (Violin with Piano Accompaniment),De Boisdeffre

Imperial 1231,Felix kept on Walking,Mr. Geo. Berry (with Orchestral Accompaniment),H. W. David
Imperial 1231,"'Maggie!'—'Yes, Ma!'",Miss Bertha Willmott & Mr. Bernard Dixon,Johnny Tucker

Imperial 1239,The Hills of Donegal (Ballad),Mr. Robert Kinnear (with Piano Accompaniment),W. Sanderson
Imperial 1239,Bridget Donohue (Irish Waltz Song),Mr. Robert Kinnear (with Piano Accompaniment),Tom Madden

Imperial 1247,Viennese Popular Song,Miss Margaret Lorenzo (Violin with Piano Accompaniment),Fritz Kreisler
Imperial 1247,Serenade,Rigo Janesi (Violin with Piano Accompaniment),Drigo

Imperial 1266,Delaney’s Domino Party,Mike Nono (Humorous with Orchestral Accompaniment),M. Nono
Imperial 1266,The Ballymaquilty Band,Mike Nono (Humorous with Orchestral Accompaniment),M. Nono
Imperial 1267,Song of the Volga Boatmen (Hawaiian Quartette),Ferera’s Hawaiian Serenaders,
Imperial 1267,Senora (Hawaiian Quartette),Ferera’s Hawaiian Serenaders,

Imperial 1279, When Hearts are Young (Romberry & Goodman) Played by Imperial Dance Orchestra, 12 o’clock at night (Rose, Herman Ruby & Handman) Played by Glantz and his Orchestra

Imperial 1280,Stack of Barley,McIntyre’s Irish Orchestra,
Imperial 1280,Highland Fling,McIntyre’s Irish Orchestra,

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  • wes williams
    wes williams Not new wikis, but part of the British Labels Wiki. These new additions have many records missing, so please feel free to add any you can.
    March 20, 2016
  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans Hi Wes, I picked up a couple of Imperial discs recently - not that common here in Australia, though you see the odd one. One of them was new to your list - No 1279 - both tracks are fox trots. I am still in the process of digitizing, but happy to share...  more
    March 24, 2016
  • wes williams
    wes williams Thanks Rich - John Rogers is the 'father' of all these British Labels wikis, and has added most of the entries. These newer wikis are from a 1929 Imperial Catalogue that I OCR'ed, which has extended the range covered, although the coverage is very patchy.
    March 25, 2016