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Tempo UK A Series

 Cat#,Artist,Track Name,Recording Location,Recording Date

10 inch double sided (Note: also 45rpm where indicated by * )

A1,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Sunday,Hollywood, 22 Jly. 1944
A1,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,"Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?",Hollywood, 22 Jly. 1944
A2,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Blue Lou,Hollywood,24 Feb.1945
A2,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Can't We Talk It Over?,Hollywood,24 Feb.1945
A3,O'Brien's State St. Seven,Carolina In The Morning,Hollywood,24 Feb.1945
A3,O'Brien's State St. Seven,Royal Reserve Blues,Hollywood,24 Feb.1945
A5,Pete Daily and His Chicagoans,Wolverine Blues,Hollywood, 18 Oct. 1941
A5,Pete Daily and His Chicagoans,Livery Stable Blues,Hollywood, 18 Oct. 1941
A6,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,At The Jazz Band Ball,Melbourne, Mid. 1945
A6,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Alma St. Requiem,Melbourne, Mid. 1945
A7,The Sullivan-Bechet Quartet,Panama,New York,9 Dec. 1945
A7,The Sullivan-Bechet Quartet,Sister Kate,New York,9 Dec. 1945
A8,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,"Oh, Peter",London, 5 Mar. 1948
A8,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Jackass Blues,London, 5 Mar. 1948
A9,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Was Leicester Square?,London, 5 Mar. 1948
A9,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Free Man's Blues,London, 5 Mar. 1948
A10,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,When The Saints Go Marching In,London,11 May. 1948
A10,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,Careless Love,London,11 May. 1948
A12,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,Tailgate,London,11 May. 1948
A12,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,Jenny's Ball,London,11 May. 1948
A13,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,I'm A Little Blackbird,Melborne,24 Jun. 1947
A13,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Alexander's Ragtime Band,Melborne,24 Jun. 1947
A15,Omer Simeon Trio,Lorenzo's Blues,New York,22 Feb. 1945
A15,Omer Simeon Trio,Harlem Hotcha,New York,22 Feb. 1945
A16,Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly),Diggin' My Potatoes,New York,May. 1946
A16,Huddie Ledbetter (Leadbelly),Defense Blues,New York,May. 1946
A17,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Muskrat Ramble,London,23 Apr.1949
A17,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Big Chief Battle Axe,London,23 Apr.1949
A18,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Washington And Lee,London,23 Apr.1949
A18,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,When You Wore A Tulip,London,23 Apr.1949
A19,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,Get Out Of Here,London,14 Nov. 1948
A19,Humphrey Lyttelton and His Band,Sunday Morning,London,14 Nov. 1948
A20,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,Salty Dog,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A20,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,Snake Rag,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A21,The Dutch Swing College Band,Absent-Minded Blues,The Hague, 20 Jun. 1949
A21,The Dutch Swing College Band,Original Dixieland One-Step,The Hague, 20 Jun. 1949
A22,Chuck Mackey's Boulevard Gang,Happy Blues,Hollywood, 11 Mar.1940
A22,Chuck Mackey's Boulevard Gang,At Sundown,Hollywood, 11 Mar.1940
A23,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Dippermouth Blues,London,18 Jun. 1949
A23,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,When The Trumpet Of The Lord Shall Sound,London,18 Jun. 1949
A26,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,I Can't Say,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A26,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,New Orleans Shuffle,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A27,Omer Simeon Trio,Creole Lullaby,New York,22 Feb. 1945
A27,Omer Simeon Trio,Bandanna Days,New York,22 Feb. 1945
A28,Pete Daily and His Chicagoans,Bluin' The Blues,Hollywood, 18 Oct. 1941
A28,Pete Daily and His Chicagoans,5.30 a.m. Blues,Hollywood, 18 Oct. 1941
A30,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Canal Street Blues,London,18 Jun. 1949
A30,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Ice Cream,London,18 Jun. 1949
A31,The Dutch Swing College Band,Sister Kate,London,9 Jly. 1949
A31,The Dutch Swing College Band,Four Or Five Times,London,9 Jly. 1949
A32,The Dutch Swing College Band,Alexander's Ragtime Band,London,9 Jly. 1949
A32,The Dutch Swing College Band,Birthday Blues,London,9 Jly. 1949
A35,The Sullivan-Bechet Quartet,Got It And Gone,New York,9 Dec. 1945
A35,Joe Sullivan,Fidgety Feet, ,
A36,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,Muskrat Ramble,New York, Feb.1945
A36,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,Tin Roof Blues,New York, Feb.1945
A37,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Weary Blues,London,18 Jun. 1949
A37,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,St. Louis Blues,London,18 Jun. 1949
A39,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,Old-Fashioned Love,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A39,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,Chimes Blues,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A40,Rosy McHargue's Memphis Five,Original Dixieland One-Step,Hollywood,7 Dec. 1947
A40,Rosy McHargue's Memphis Five,They Called It Dixieland,Hollywood,7 Dec. 1947
A42,The Dutch Swing College Band,Willie The Weeper,London,9 Jly. 1949
A42,The Dutch Swing College Band,"Come Back, Sweet Papa",London,9 Jly. 1949
A44,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Subdivided in F,Hollywood, 22 Jly. 1944
A44,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,"I'm Coming, Virginia",Hollywood, 22 Jly. 1944
A45,Freddie Randall and his Band,Dark Night Blues,London,22 Sep. 1949
A45,Freddie Randall and his Band,Washington and Lee Swing,London,22 Sep. 1949
A46,The Castle Jazz Band,Ory's Creole Trombone,"Portland, Oregon",29 Dec. 1947
A46,The Castle Jazz Band,Georgia Camp Meeting,"Portland, Oregon",29 Dec. 1947
A47,Red Nichols and his Five Pennies,Dallas Blues,Hollywood,15 Mar.1949
A47,Red Nichols and his Five Pennies,That's A Plenty,Hollywood,15 Mar.1949
A48,The Original Dixielanders,Panama,London,27 Oct. 1949
A48,The Original Dixielanders,Lewisada Blues,London,27 Oct. 1949
A49,Freddie Randall and his Band,Riverside Blues,London,22 Sep. 1949
A49,Freddie Randall and his Band,Jazz Club Stomp,London,22 Sep. 1949
A50,The Castle Jazz Band,When The Saints Go Marching In (2 Parts),"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A51,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,Feather Brain Blues,New York, Feb.1945
A51,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,You're Lucky To Me,New York, Feb.1945
A52,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,Trouble In Mind,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A52,Bob Wilber's Wildcats,When You Wore A Tulip,New York,31 Dec. 1947
A53,The Dutch Swing College Band,Nothing Ain't Right,London,9 Jly. 1949
A53,The Dutch Swing College Band,High Society,London,9 Jly. 1949
A54,The Original Dixielanders,Smokey Mokes,London,27 Oct. 1949
A54,The Original Dixielanders,Fort Worth Jail,London,27 Oct. 1949
A55,Freddie Randall and his Band,Georgia Cake Walk,London,22 Sep. 1949
A55,Freddie Randall and his Band,Sugar Foot Strut,London,22 Sep. 1949
A56,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,Love For Sale,London,14 Jan. 1950
A56,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,Muskrat Ramble,London,14 Jan. 1950
A57,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,Arcade Blues,London,14 Jan. 1950
A57,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,Double Whiskey,London,14 Jan.1950
A58,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,Royal Garden Blues,London,14 Jan.1950
A58,Pierre Braslavsky and His Band,I Can't Give You Anything But Love,London,14 Jan.1950
A60,The Castle Jazz Band,Down In Jungle Town,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A60,The Castle Jazz Band,Kansas City Torch,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A61,Joe Rushton's California Ramblers,Oh Baby,Hollywood,7 Dec. 1947
A61,Joe Rushton's California Ramblers,Ja Da,Hollywood,7 Dec. 1947
A62,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Doctor Jazz,London,26 Mar. 1949
A62,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,When You And I Were Young Maggie,London,26 Mar. 1949
A63,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Salty Dog,London,26 Mar. 1949
A63,The Yorkshire Jazz Band,Shine,London,26 Mar. 1949
A64,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,Bugle Call Rag,New York, Feb.1945
A64,Muggsy Spanier's Dixieland Band,That's A Plenty,New York, Feb.1945
A65,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Pleadin' For The Boies,,14 May. 1950
A65,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Take Me For A Buggy Ride,,14 May. 1950
A67,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Firehouse Stomp,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A67,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Blues My Naughtie Sweetie Gives To Me,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A68,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Fireman's Lament,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A68,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,San,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A69,The Original Dixielanders,Cake Walking Babies,London,27 Oct. 1949
A69,The Original Dixielanders,Memphis Blues,London,27 Oct. 1949
A70,The Castle Jazz Band,Darktown Strutters Ball,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A70,The Castle Jazz Band,Kansas City Stomp,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A71,The Castle Jazz Band,Tiger Rag,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A71,The Castle Jazz Band,No Bop Hop Scop Blues,"Portland, Oregon",6 Aug. 1949
A72,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,1919,,14 May. 1950
A72,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Root Doctor,,14 May. 1950
A73,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,A Monday Date,Hollywood,21 Feb.1950
A73,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Love Lies,Hollywood,21 Feb.1950
A74,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Chimes Blues,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A74,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,When My Sugar Walks Down The Street,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A75,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Turks Blues,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A75,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Papa Dip,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A76,Fats Waller,You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It,London,1953
A76,Fats Waller,Not There Right There,London,1953
A77,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Flat Foot,Melbourne,1949
A77,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Winin' Boy Blues,Melbourne,1949
A78,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Wolverine Blues,Melbourne,7 Nov. 1949
A78,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Sobbin' Blues,Melbourne,7 Nov. 1949
A79,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Georgia Camp Meeting,Melbourne,7 Nov. 1949
A79,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Play It A Long Time Papa,Melbourne,7 Nov. 1949
A80,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,New Orleans Stomp,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A80,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Trouble In Mind,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A81,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,1919,Hollywood,Jan. 1950
A81,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,The Curse Of An Aching Heart,Hollywood,Jan. 1950
A82,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Waiting For The Robert E. Lee,Hollywood,Jan. 1950
A82,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Struttin' With Some Barbecue,Hollywood,Jan. 1950
A83,Lee Stafford,Winter Garden Rag,"Portland, Oregon", 7 Jan.1950
A83,Lee Stafford,Heliotrope Bouquet,"Portland, Oregon", 7 Jan.1950
A84,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,How Long How Long Blues,,8 Oct. 1950
A84,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,The Curse,,8 Oct. 1950
A85,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Down In Honky Tonk Town,,8 Oct. 1950
A85,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Skid Dat De Dat,,8 Oct. 1950
A86,The Castle Jazz Band,I've Been Floating Down That Old Green River,"Portland, Oregon",22 Aug. 1949
A86,The Castle Jazz Band,Farewell Blues,"Portland, Oregon",22 Aug. 1949
A87,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Everybody Loves My Baby,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A87,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Brass Bell,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A88,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Riverside Blues,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A88,The Firehouse Five Plus Two,Red Hot River Valley,Hollywood,13 May. 1949
A89,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Doctor Blues,Melbourne,1950
A89,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,I'm Satisfied With My Gal,Melbourne,1950
A90,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Daddy Do,Melbourne,1950
A90,Graeme Bell's Australian Jazz Band,Shake That Thing,Melbourne,1950
A91,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Very 8 'n' Boogie,Hollywood,1 Nov. 1944
A91,La Vere's Chicago Loopers,Exactly Like You,Hollywood,1 Nov. 1944
A92,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,Grandpa's Spells,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A92,Turk Murphy's Jazz Band,All The Wrongs You've Done To Me,Hollywood,31 May. 1949
A93,Burt Bales,12th Street Rag,Hollywood,1950
A93,Burt Bales,Dill Pickles,Hollywood,1950
A94,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Mama Don't Allow,New Orleans,5 Jun. 1950
A94,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Willie The Weeper,New Orleans,5 Jun. 1950
A95,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula,New Orleans,5 Jun. 1950
A95,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Burgundy St. Blues,New Orleans,5 Jun. 1950
A96,The George Melly Trio,Send Me To The 'Lectric Chair,London, 30 Jun 1951
A96,The George Melly Trio,Rock Island Line,London, 30 Jun 1951
A97,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Willie The Weeper (2nd master),New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A97,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Sheik of Araby,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A98,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Ole Miss,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A98,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Bugle Boy March,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A99,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Pallet on the Floor,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A99,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Martha,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
A101,Chris Barber's New Orleans Jazz Band,"Stomp off, lets go!",,
A101,Chris Barber's New Orleans Jazz Band,Camp Meeting Blues,,
A102,Chris Barber's New Orleans Jazz Band,Misty Morning,,
A102,Chris Barber's New Orleans Jazz Band,When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo,,
A103,Lazy Ade's Late Hour Hounds,Tell The Boys You Saw Me, ,
A103,Lazy Ade's Late Hour Hounds,Hello Jim Eady,,
A104,George Melly,Kitchen Man,,
A104,George Melly,Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town,,
A105,Lee Stafford,Gladiolus rag,
A105,Lee Stafford,Teddy bear blue,
A106,Kid Ory,*Dippermouth blues,
A106,Kid Ory,*Savoy blues,
A107,Kid Ory,*Ballin’ the Jack,
A107, Kid Ory,*High Society,
A108,Don Rendell,Muskrat ramble,
A108,Don Rendell,Thames walk,
A109,Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra,Orient Line,
A110,Don Rendell Quartet,Slow boat to China,
A110, Don Rendell Quartet,You stepped out of a dream,
A111,Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,Everybody loves Saturday night,
A111,Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,Something blues,
A112,Don Rendell Sextet,Dance of the Ooblies,
A112,Don Rendell Sextet,Didn’t we,
A113,Tubby Hayes and his Orchestra,Sophisticated lady,
A114,Don Rendell Quartet,Blow Mr. Dexter,
A114,Don Rendell Quartet,From this moment on,
A115,Dizzy Reece,Bang!,
A115,Dizzy Reece,O Moon,
A116,Chris Barber,"*Precious Lord, Lead Me On",
A116,Chris Barber’s Jazz Band,*Tiger rag,
A117,Ken Colyer,*A Closer Walk With Thee,
A117,Ken Colyer,*Sheik of Araby,
A118,Ray Foxley,Hampstead Hunch,
A118,Ray Foxley,Kathryn Amanda,
A119,Tubby Hayes,Fidelius,
A119,Tubby Hayes,Tootsie Roll,
A120,Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen,*If I ever cease to love,
A120,Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen,*Isle of Capri,
A121,Dave Carey Jazz Band,Hesitatin’ Blues,
A121,Dave Carey Jazz Band,Joshua fit de Battle ob Jericho,
A122, Dave Carey Jazz Band,*Kansas City Kitty,
A122,Dave Carey Jazz Band,*Kater Street rag,
A123,Tubby Hayes Quartet,Dance of the Aerophragytes,
A123,Tubby Hayes Quartet,There’s no you,
A124,Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,African Queen,
A124,Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,Special delivery,
A125,Monty Sunshine Trio,St. Phillip. St. Breakdown,
A125,Monty Sunshine Trio,Wild cat blues,
A126,Ken Colyer,*My bucket’s got a hole in it,
A126,Ken Colyer,*Wabash blues,
A127,Victor Feldman Big Band,Elegy,
A127,Victor Feldman Big Band,Maenya,
A128,Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,Africa blues,
A128, Sandy Brown’s Jazz Band,Nothing blues,
A129,Albert Nicholas and Al Fairweather with Lise West,How long blues,
A129,Albert Nicholas and Al Fairweather with Lise West,Rose room,
A132,Chris Barber Jazz Band,*Ice cream,
A132,Chris Barber Jazz Band,*Saratoga swing,
A133,Dave Carey’s Jazz Band,*Brown skin mama,
A133, Dave Carey’s Jazz Band,*I’ve found a new baby,
A134,Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band,*Dippermouth blues,
A134,Acker Bilk’s Paramount Jazz Band,*Where the River Shannon flows,
A135,Vic Ash Quartet,*Blue Lou,
A135,Vic Ash Quartet,*Doxy,
A136,Ken Colyer,*Maryland my Maryland,
A136,Ken Colyer,*The world is waiting for the sunrise,
A137,Vic Ash Quartet,*Early Morning,
A137,Vic Ash Quartet,*Just one of those things,
A138,Dave Carey Jazz Band,*Sunset cafe stomp,
A138,Dave Carey Jazz Band,*Sweet Georgia Brown,
A139,Mick Mulligan Jazz Band,*In a shanty in old Shanty Town,
A139,Mick Mulligan Jazz Band,*Snag it,
A140,Dizzy Reece Quintet,Basie line,
A140,Dizzy Reece Quintet,Chorous,
A141,Pat Hawes with Dave Carey’s Rhythm,Sheik of Araby,
A141,Pat Hawes with Dave Carey’s Rhythm,Snowy morning blues,
A142,Victor Feldman Big Band,Big top,
A142,Victor Feldman Big Band,Cabaletto,
A143,Mick Mulligan,Big house blues,
A143,Mick Mulligan,Oriental strut,
A144,George Melly with Mick Mulligan’s Jazz Band,Jenny’s ball,
A144,George Melly with Mick Mulligan’s Jazz Band,Muddy water,
A145,Zenith Six,*Climax rag,
A145,Zenith Six,*The chant,
A146,Ray Bush and the Avon Cities’ Skiffle,*Green corn,
A146,Ray Bush and the Avon Cities’ Skiffle,*Hey hey Daddy blues,
A147,George Melly and Mick Mulligan’s Band,Cemetery blues,
A147,George Melly and Mick Mulligan’s Band,Death letter,
A148,Tubby Hayes’ Quintet,Ode to Ernie,
A148,Tubby Hayes’ Quintet,No I woodyn’t,
A149, Ray Bush and The Avon Cities Skiffle,Fisherman’s blues,
A149,Ray Bush and The Avon Cities Skiffle,This little light of mine,
A150,Dave Carey’s Jazz Band,Button up your overcoat,
A150,Dave Carey’s Jazz Band,"Ida, sweet as apple cider",
A151,Avon Cities Jazz Band,Hawaiian war chant,
A151,Avon Cities Jazz Band,Shim-me-sha-wabble,
A152,Mick Muligan Jazz Band,Beale Street blues,
A152,Mick Mulligan Jazz Band,Raver’s edge,
A153,Ronnie Scott,*I'll take romance,
A153,Ronnie Scott,*Speak low,
A154,Victor Feldman Quartet,Jackpot,
A154,Victor Feldman Quartet,You are my heart’s delight,
A155,Mick Mulligan Jazz Band,St. James’ Infirmary,
A155,Mick Mulligan Jazz Band,After a while,

12 inch double sided

AA66,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Savoy Blues,,14 May. 1950
AA66,Mick Mulligan's Magnolia Jazz Band,Candy Lips,,14 May. 1950
AA100,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,2.19 Blues,New Orleans,Aug. 1950
AA100,George Lewis & His New Orleans Music,Jerusalem Blues,New Orleans,Aug. 1950

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