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HMV, 78rpm Label Scan Index

HMV, 78rpm Label Scan Index
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Create by Nathan Davis | February 22, 2015 | Last updated by Nathan Davis May 23, 2016 (view change)

HMV, 78rpm Series by Label Scan Index - featuring the major labels of the HMV record label

Scans by Rolf Sinnema.

Series Main Label Variation 1
DB Series  
D Series  
DK Series  
DA Series  
E Series  
EG Series  
EH Series  
EJ Series    
K Series  
B Series
C Series  
M Series  
VB Series  

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  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans Really enjoying browsing these excellent photos. It is interesting how, up to the late 1950s I would guess, the record sleeve was underused as an art space, but they managed to pack so much in, and often so beautifully, onto the label. I would love to...  more
    December 1, 2015