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78rpm Record Makers

78rpm Record Makers
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A growing list of all 78rpm record makers during the 78rpm era.

A.440 (U.S.A.)
Abbey (U.S.A.)
Associacjio Brasileiro dos Colectionadores
de Discos (Brazil)
Academy (U.S.A.)
Australian Capitol
Ace Records (U.S.A.)
Classic Record Club (U.S.A.)
Artist Direct (U.S.A.)
A. de Lara Limited edn. Recordings
Addison Foster (U.S.A.)
Australian Festival
Allied Record Sales (U.S.A.)
Allegro-Elite (formerly Allegro) (U.S.A.)
Amadeo (Austria, etc.)
American Brunswick (U.S.A.)
Alhambra (Spain)
American Columbia (U.S.A.)
American Decca (U.S.A.)
American Esquire (U.S.A.)
Amfi6n (Mexico)
Amiga (East Germany)
American Lumen (U.S.A.)
Amphion (France)
American Viennola (U.S.A.)
American Vox (U.S.A.)
Angelicum (Italy)
Angel (U.S.A.; subsidiary of E.M.I., Hayes England)
Australian Nixa
New Music (Australia)
Audiophile (U.S.A.)
Pro Musica (U.S.A.)
Argentine Angel
Argentine Columbia
Argentine Decca
Argentine London
Argentine Odeon
Argentine Parlophone
Argentine Pathe
Argentine Victor
Argo (G.B.)
Arpeggio (Italy)
Anthologie Sonore (France)
American Recording Society (U.S.A.)
Hed-Arzi (Israel)
Aeolian-Skinner Organ Co. (U.S.A.)
Artistry (U.S.A.)
Atlantic (U.S.A.)
Austroton (Austria, Germany, etc.)
Artist (U.S.A.)
Audio Archives (U.S.A.)
Audio Collectors (U.S.A.)
Audio Rarities (U.S.A.)
Austrian Telefunken
  Telefunken (Germany, etc.)
Tahti (Finland)
Technichord (U.S.A.)
Tempo (U.S.A.)
Timely (U.S.A.)
Titan (U.S.A.)
Technisonic (U.S.A.)
Tono (Denmark)
Tempo (Germany)
Triola (Finland)
Triad Records (U.S.A.)
Telefunken Variable microgroove (Germany)
Brunswick (G.B.)
Boite-ä-Musique, Paris (France)
Banner (U.S.A.)
B. & B. Productions, N.J. (U.S.A.)
Bluebird, division of Victor (U.S.Ä.)
Bach Choir (U.S.A.)
Beaver (Canada)
Boosey & Hawkes (G.B., U.S.A.)
Bibletone (U.S.A.)
Bartone (U.S.A.)
Boston Records (U.S.A.)
Book Records (U.S.A.)
Bartök Recording Studio (U.S.A.)
Brazilian Angel
Brazilian Columbia
Brazilian Continental
Brazilian Elite
Chilean Victor
Compagnie industrielle du disque (France)
Conseil International
Coda. (U.N.E.S.C.O.)
Cleveland Institute of Music (U.S.A.)
Classic (France)
Conciertos Mexicanos (Mexico)
Collectors Music Shop (U.S.A.)
Club national du Disque (France)
Coda issues of SMC. (U.S.A.)
Copa. or Cop. Copacabana (Brazil)
Cornell University (U.S.A.)
Contrepoint (France)
Children's Record Guild (U.S.A.)
Coral (U.S.A., Europe)
Collectors Record Society (U.S.A.)
Colosseum (U.S.A.)
Cuban Victor
Concerteum (France)
Contemporary Records U.S.A.) (Los Angeles)
Contemporary Records (New York, U.S.A.)
Cupol (Sweden)
Cantus (Sweden)
Cwaliton (Qualiton), Swansea (Wales)
Decca (G.B., Europe, Australia, etc.)
Capitol (G.B.)
Erato [Discophiles de Paris series] (France)
Delyse (G.B.)
Discophiles francais (France)
Diaphon (Australia)
Dial (U.S.A.)
Discuriosities (U.S.A.)
Oiselet (France)
Telefunken, pressed by Decca (G.B.)
Durium (Italy)
Dutch R.C.A. [Victor]
English pressed Allegro
Educo (U.S.A.)
Eko (France)
Electro (Finland)
Elektra (U.S.A.)
Elite (Europe)
E.M.I. Special Issues (G.B.)
Elaine Music Shop (U.S.A.)
Enjoyment of Music series, E.M.I. (G.B.)
English Philips
Editions phonographiques parisiennes
Allegro label (France)
Epic, division of Columbia Records Inc. (U.S.A.)
Epic Record Co., N.Y. (U.S.A.)
Erato (France)
Escort (U.S.A.)
Esoteric (U.S.A.)
Esquire (G.B.) [The U.S.A. label is coded AmEsq.]
Eterna (East Germany)
Eterna (U.S.A.)
Etüde (U.S.A.)
Eurochord (France)
Euterpe (U.S.A.)
English Vox
Folkways [Ethnic Folkways Library] (U.S.A.)
French Capitol
Fonodan (Denmark)
Felsted (G.B.,etc.)
Felix (Denmark)
Festival (U.S.A.)
Festival (France)
Pathe (France)
  Pathe (France)
Pathe-Vox (France)
Paxton (G.B.)
Parade (U.S.A.)
Peerless (U.S.A., Mexico)
Period (U.S.A.)
Perspective (U.S.A.)
Pittsburgh Festival of Contemporary Music (U.S.A.) [for distribution to libraries & institutions]
Philips (Holland & International)
Philharmonia (U.S.A.)
Philips Minigroove, 78 r.p.m. 17 cm. discs
Pleiade (France)
Plymouth (U.S.A.)
Panart (Cuba, U.S.A.)
Porte-Oceane (France)
Polydor & Deutsche Grammophon (Germany, Europe, etc.);
also Polyphon (Denmark, etc.) [X, Z, HM prefixes]; &
Archive series (Germany)
Poly music (U.S.A.)
Populare (Rumania)
Peoria Record Club (U.S.A.)

H.M.V., Gramophone Co. (G.B., Europe, etc.) [Including Electrola, Germany]
Grand Award (U.S.A.)
Golden Age Records (U.S.A.)
Guilde International du Disque (France; mainly issues MMS. items, which are not re-listed)
Gregorian Institute of America (U.S.A.)
Greek Odeon
Guild of New York Opera, members' issues (U.S.A.)
Gramophone, division of Record Corpn. of America, N.J. (U.S.A.)
Gramola (Belgium)

Queensway Studios (G.B.)
Les Quatre Saisons (France)
Hallmark (Canada)
Harvard Vocarium (U.S.A.)
Handel Society (U.S.A.)
Helios—Joies de la musique (France)
Heliodor (G.B.)
Heliodor (G.B.) and Pol. (Germany etc.)
Herald (G.B.)
Hemmets Harold (Sweden)
High Fidelity Records (U.S.A.)
Hispavox (Spain)
Harmona (Austria)
Historic Record Society (U.S.A.)
Haydn Society (U.S.A.)
Radiola (Australia)
Radium (France)
Radiola-Telefunken (Australia)
Rare Records (U.S.A.)
Radio-Eireann (Eire)
R. E. Blake (U.S.A.)
Regal, branch of E.M.I. (Spain)
Remington (U.S.A., Europe, etc)
Renaissance (U.S.A.)
Regent (U.S.A.)
Riviera (France)
Rococo Records (Canada, U.S.A.)
Romany Records (U.S.A.)
Record Rarities (U.S.A.)
Rachmaninoff Society (U.S.A.)
Royale & Allegro-Royale (U.S.A.)
Rytmi (Finland)
Regal-Zonophone (G.B.)

Ifma (Argentina)
Imperial (Germany, etc.)
Innovations (U.S.A.)
Italian Polydor
International Record Collectors' Club
ISR. International (U.S.A.)
Isis Recording Studios, Oxford (G.B.)
International Sacred Recordings, Christian
Artists' Record Corpn. (U.S.A.)

Iberia (Spanish Columbia)
Ideal (France)
International Education Society (G.B.)
Imperial (Germany, Demark and some G.B.)
Italmusica (Italy)
Italian Brunswick (also Fonit)

Saturn (France)
Sociedade Brasileira de Discos Historicos (Brazil)
Scala (U.S.A.)
Ducretet-Thomson [formerly Ducretet Selmer] (France)
Symphony Foundation of America (U.S.A.)
Sinter (Brazil)
Sirius (Sweden)
Studio S.M. (France)
Spanish Music Centre (U.S.A.)
St. Mary's Press, N.Y. (U.S.A.)
Sonora (Sweden)
Soria (U.S.A.)
Sounds of our times, Cook Studio (U.S.A.)
Society of Participating Artists (U.S.A.)
Society for the Publication of American Music (U.S.A.)
Spanish Columbia, San Sebastian (Spain)
Spanish Decca, San Sebastian (Spain)
Spanish Odeon, Barcelona (Spain)
Spanish Festival
Spanish Telefunken
Spanish R.C.A. [Victor]
Spotlight (Australia)
Sound Recording Co. (U.S.A.)
Sound Recordings Specialists (U.S.A.)
Swedish Society, Discofil (Sweden)
Stinson (U.S.A.)
St. Olaf (U.S.A.)
Stradivari (U.S.A.)
Supraphon (Czechoslovakia)
Symphony Recording Co. (U.S.A.)
Symfoni & Artist (Sweden)

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