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Imperial was a brand of ten inch records made by the Crystalate company.  Imperial reissued many American Dance Band recordings but in its later years issued a wide variety of British recordings, notably Jack Payne and Jay Wilbur dance band sides.

Imperial also seem to have released a range of 12 inch records with a Z number prefix late in its history (1931/2 ?)

The following lists have many gaps and I would be grateful for any further information from collectors.

 The American sides were usually released under a pseudonym and I have tried to include the name under which they were released in the USA, in brackets.  However the original releases sometimes were pseudonyms also.  Rust, in his American Dance Band Discography, even notes some occurrences when the British release has a more accurate attribution than the American original!  Any information about the exact wording on Imperial labels would be greatly appreciated.  This wiki can be edited by any member of our community.

According to the late Frank Andrews:

The Imperial Record catalogue series, as far as new recordings were concerned, would appear to have begun at No. 1031 with the matrices generally continuing the numbering in use for the "Ye Popular" Records. The lowest catalogue number used on Imperial Records was 817, so the 214 discs encompassed between 817 and 1030. inclusive, were all repressings from matrices earlier used for Popular, Chappell, Olympic and Bulldog Records.

Imperial 817 to 900        Imperial 901 to 1000

Imperial 1001 to 1100    Imperial 1101 to 1200    Imperial 1201 to 1300    Imperial 1301 to 1400   
Imperial 1401 to 1500    Imperial 1501 to 1600    Imperial 1601 to 1700    Imperial 1701 to 1800
Imperial 1801 to 1900    Imperial 1902 to 2000

Imperial 2001 to 2100    Imperial 2101 to 2200    Imperial 2201 to 2299    Imperial 2305 to 2400
Imperial 2401 to 2500    Imperial 2501 to 2600    Imperial 2601 to 2700    Imperial 2701 to 2800
Imperial 2801 to 2900    Imperial 2901 to 2953


Imperial Z-100 to Z-125 12 inch


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