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HMV C1000 to C 1499

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1007 Peter Dawson Carmen Sirs, Your Toast

1007 Room For The Factotum (Barber Of Seville - Rossini) Peter Dawson

1011 Petite Suite De Concert (Coleridge-Taylor) The Coldstream Guards

1017 Tales Of Hoffmann (Offenbach) The Coldstream Guards

1030 Fille De Madame Angot - Selection The Coldstream Guards

1037 Christmas Gems The Coldstream Guards

1037 Jolly Boys The Coldstream Guards

1040 A Musical Switch The Coldstream Guards

1041 Credo (Othello - Verdi) Peter Dawson

1041 Non Piu Andrai (marriage Of Figaro - Mozart) Peter Dawson

1042 The Queen''s Royals - Souvenir The Coldstream Guards

1042 Slavonic Rhapsody (Friedmann) The Coldstream Guards

1047 Hiawatha - Ballet Music Op. 82 (Coleridge-Taylor) The Coldstream Guards

1061 The Mill In The Forest (Eilenberg) The Coldstream Guards

1061 The Mountain Gnomes Op. 29 The Coldstream Guards

1075 Bizet Carmen Selection De Groot And The Piccadilly Orchestra

1079 Don Juan''s Serenade, op. 38, No. 1 (Tchaikovsky) Peter Dawson

1079 Woo Thou Thy Snowflake Peter Dawson

1090 All On A Christmas Morning The Coldstream Guards

1090 Yuletide - Christmas Fantasy The Coldstream Guards

1098 Lilac Time Selection Mayfair Orchestra

1100 The Mirror Song (Strauss) Bessie Jones

1100 Farewell My Golden Love Dreams Bessie Jones & Peter Dawson

1103 The Night Watch (Pinsuti) Peter Dawson

1103 I Am Fate (B. Hamblen) Peter Dawson

1105 In A Persian Market - Intermezzo (Ketelby) The Coldstream Guards

1105 Finale Brilliante (Mackenzie, Rogan) The Coldstream Guards

1107 Trovatore - Selection (Verdi)

1109 Rosamunde- Overture (Schubert) The Coldstream Guards

1110 Maximilian Robespierre - Overture The Coldstream Guards

1113 Mendelssohn Spring Song Instrumental Trio

1117 Queen Of The Earth (Pinsuti) Peter Dawson

1117 When Bright Eyes Glance (Hedgcock) Peter Dawson

1122 Traviata - Selection (Verdi) The Coldstream Guards

1125 Six Australian Bush Songs Peter Dawson

1132 Puccini Turandot Selection Royal Opera Orchestra Covent Garden

1138 Ernest Hastings The Cautious Lover & Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be

1139 Musical Jig-Saw The Coldstream Guards

1144 Woodland Pictures (Fletcher) The Coldstream Guards

1145 William Tell - Ballet Music (Rossini) The Coldstream Guards

1148 Utopia Unlimited - Selection (Sullivan) The Coldstream Guards

1150 Any Old Night Is A Wonderful Night (Kern) George Grossmith

1150 They Didn''t Believe Me (Kern) De Groot''s Orchestra

1153 Toni Selection Mayfair Orchestra

1154 Norwegian Rhapsodies (Lalo) The Coldstream Guards

1157 Daughter Of The Regiment (Donizetti) The Coldstream Guards

1165 Suite No. 2 For Military Band, In F Major - Part 1 March The Coldstream Guards

1165 Suite No. 2 For Military Band, In F Major - Part 2 I''ll Love My Love/Part 3 Song Of The Blacksmith The Coldstream Guards

1166 Suite No. 2 For Military Band, In F Major - Part 4 Fantasia On The "Dargason" The Coldstream Guards

1166 Homage March (Wagner) The Coldstream Guards

1168 Etude Melodique Op. 21 No. 5 (Sgambati) p. Una Bourne

1168 Rondo - La Gaiete (Weber) p. Una Bourne

1169 To The Forest (Tchaikovsky) Peter Dawson

1169 Travellers Of Every Station (Balfe) Peter Dawson

1171 Rhapsody In Blue (Gershwin) Paul Whiteman & his Concert Orchestra

1176 Caliph Of Baghdad - Overture (Boieldieu) The Coldstream Guards

1182 Die Bajadere - Selection - Part 1 (E. Kalman) De Groot & the Piccadilly Orchestra

1182 Die Bajadere - Selection - Part 2 (E. Kalman) De Groot & the Piccadilly Orchestra

1191 No No Nanette Mayfair Orchestra

1195 Carnival Suite (Ring) The Coldstream Guards

1196 A Suite Of Serenades Nos. 1 to 4 (Victor Herbert) Paul Whiteman & his Concert Orchestra

1199 Lustspiel Overture Op. 73 The Coldstream Guards

1199 La Voix Des Cloches (Luigini) The Coldstream Guards

1200 Lyric Pieces, Op. 12 (Grieg) p. Una Bourne

1200 Wedding Day, Op. 65 No. 6 (Grieg) p. Una Bourne

1201 Damnation Of Faust (Berlioz) The Coldstream Guards

1205 Gems From No No Nanette Light Opera Company

1205 Gems from Rose Marie Light Opera Company

1212 The Kerry Dance (Molloy) Peter Dawson

1212 The Traveller (Godard) Peter Dawson

1217 Martial Moments (arr. A Winter) The Coldstream Guards

1218 Petit Suite De Concert De Groot And The Piccadilly Orchestra 

1220  One Morning Very Early  (Wilfred Sanderson) Mavis Bennett (soprano with orchestra)

1220   Spring Morning (Lane Wilson) Mavis Bennett (soprano with orchestra)

1226 Wembley Military Tattoo Parts 1 & 2 The Coldstream Guards

1227 Wembley Military Tattoo Parts 3 & 4 The Coldstream Guards

1234 Naval Patrol Britain''s First Line (Williams) The Coldstream Guards

1234 Scottish Patrol - Gathering Of The Clans (Williams) The Coldstream Guards

1237 Gatty Sellars The Lost Chord

1238 Herbert Dawson Suite Gothique Boellman

1245 When The Sergeant-Major''s On Parade (Longstaffe)

1245 The Boys Of The Old Brigade (Barri) Peter Dawson

1250 Vocal Gems From The Student Prince Light Opera Company

1250 The Student Prince - Selection Savoy Orpheans

1254 Luigini Ballet Egyptien Suite New Light Symphony Orch Percy Fletcher

1255 Luigini Ballet Egyptien Suite New Light Symphony Orchestra

1257 Degroot & Piccadilly Orchestra Less Than The Dust &Kashmiri Love Song

1259 A Word, Allow Me (Pagliacci - Leoncavallo) Peter Dawson

1259 A Song Of Tender Memories (Pagliacci - Leoncavallo) Peter Dawson

1262 Degroot & The Piccadilly Orchestra Orphee Aux Enfers Offenbach

1267 Peter Dawson Even Bravest Hearts Faust Gounod

1278 Ivanovic Danube Waves International Concert Orchestra

1279 Marche Hongroise Berlioz Royal Opera House Covent Garden Eugene Goossens

1280 1812 Overture Op 49 Royal Opera Orchestra Covent Garden Eugene Goossens

1281 Tchaikovsky Eugen Onegin Royal Opera Orch Covent Garden

1285 Reginald Foort In A Persian Market Ketelbey

1291 Bach Toccata And Fugue In D Minor G D Cunningham

1293 The Revellers Tip Toes Vocal Gems

1294 Schubert Unfinished Symphony In B Minor Royal Opera Orchestra Conducted Eugene Goossens

1295 As Above Sides 3 & 4

1296 As Above Sides 5 & 6

1297 Elgar Imperial March Stanley Roper

1298 Grieg Peer Gynt Suite Death Of Ase Royal Opera Orchestra Covent Garden Uegene Goossens

1299 Peer Gynt Suite Royal Opera House Covent Garden Eugene Goossens

1304 Ketelbry In A Persian Market

1306 Savoy Orpheans Princess Charming

1308 Orth A Clock Store New Light Symphony Orchestra

1313 Peter Dawson The Floral Dance

1326 Waldteufel Estudiantina Waltz International Concert Orchestra

1327 Tchaikovsky Don Juan''s Serenade Op 38 No 1 Peter Dawson

1329 Mendelssohn Hear My Prayer Master E Lough

1330 Reginald Foort In A Chinese Temple Garden

1331 The Blue Mazurka Light Opera Company

1331 Desert Song Light Opera Company

1332 Puccini Turandot Selection The Royal Opera Orch'' Covent Garden

1339 Verdi Aida Creatores Band

1342 Peter Dawson The Dear Homeland

1343 John Turner Mountain Lovers

1346 The Vagabond King Vocal Gems Light Opera Company

1349 Mozart Symphony In G Minor Royal Opera Orchestra Covent Garden. Malcolm Sargent

1350 Widor Symphony No 5 Allegro Cantabile Harold Darke

1376 Lemere Reverie W.G.Alcock

1378 Guy Weitz Chorale No 3 In A Minor Cesar Franck

1382 Bohemian Girl Vocal Gems Light Opera Company

1391 The Merry Widow Vocal Gems Light Opera Company

1392 Lehar Count Of Luxemburg International Concert Orchestra

1395 Gershwin Rhapsody In Blue Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra

1397 Tchaikovsky Romance New Light Symphony Orchestra

1398 Mendelssohn I Waited For The Lord Master E Lough

1400 Peter Dawson Room For The Factotum Rossini Barber Of Seville

1401 Peter Dawson Now Your Days Of Philandering Are Over & Cruel Is He

1403 Dance Of The Hours La Gioconda New Light Symphony Orchestra

1404 The Mikado Light Opera Company

1407 Marek Weber Moonlight On The Alster Waltz

1414 Die Fledermaus State Orchestra E Viebig

1415 The Sleeping Beauty Waltz Royal Opera Orchestra Dr Malcolm Sargent

1418 Sylvia Ballet Royal Opera House Covent Garden Malcolm Sargent

1433 Hit The Deck Vocal Gems Light Opera Company

1450 Schubert Lilac Time Light Opera Company

1458 Karg-Elert Now Thank We All Our God G Thalben Ball

1462 Faust Ballet Music Royal Opera Orchestra George W Byng

1463 As Above

1466 Nocturne In D Reginald Goss-Custard

1484 Verdi Rigolleto Ch''io Gli Parli Chorus And Orchstra La Scala Milan

1494 Verdi Rigoletto Bella Figlia Dell Amore

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