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HMV C 733 to C 999

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733 Spinning Song (Flying Dutchman - Wagner) p. Una Bourne

733 Quartet (Rigoletto - Verdi) p. Una Bourne

738 Angels Guard Thee (Goddard) Hubert Eisdell

738 I Arise From Dreams Of Thee (Salaman) Hubert Eisdell

739 Awake! (Pelissier) Hubert Eisdell

739 Come Sing To Me (Thompson) Hubert Eisdell

740 Land Of Delight (Sanderson) Hubert Eisdell

740 Love''s Garden Of Roses (Haydn Wood) Hubert Eisdell

743 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling (Tate) Hubert Eisdell

743 Sweet Early Violets (Sherrington) Hubert Eisdell

755 Chu Chin Chow Mayfair Orchestra

756 The Cobbler''s Song (Chu Chi Chow - Norton) Peter Dawson

756 The Watchman (Squire) Peter Dawson

757 Maritana (Wallace) The Coldstream Guards

786 Church Parade The Coldstream Guards

787 Air de Ballet (Chaminade) p. Una Bourne

787 Pas des Echarpes (Chaminade) p. Una Bourne

803 Fair Fa'' The Gloamin'' (trad) Lizzie Hunter

803 Lochnagar (trad) Lizzie Hunter

806 Stabat Mater - Overture (Rossini) The Coldstream Guards

806 Soldiers'' Chorus (Faust - Gounod) The Coldstream Guards

842 Love''s Garden Of Roses (Haydn Wood) The Coldstream Guards

842 Solveig''s Song (Peer Gynt - Grieg) The Coldstream Guards

862 Doge''s March (Merchant Of Venice) The Coldstream Guards

862 L''Italiana In Algeri (Rossini) The Coldstream Guards

869 Scotland''s Pride - National Fantasia The Coldstream Guards

870 Aida - Selection (Verdi) The Coldstream Guards

881 Reminiscences Of Sullivan (arr. Winterbottom) The Coldstream Guards

915 The Belle Of New York - Selection (Kerker) The Coldstream Guards

958 Peter Dawson Follow Me Ome & King Of The Clouds

994 The Londonderry Air De Groot

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