What is the 78rpm Collectors' Community?

The 78rpm Collectors' Community is a social network for collectors of 78rpms recordings, phonographs, memorabilia, recording machines and the history of the 78 rpm recording era.

It's like FaceBook - but for collectors of all things 78rpm related.

Who is the 78rpm Collectors' Community?

We are a social group of collectors of 78rpm records - with a member base of over 6600 worldwide. Started in 2009 as a place for collectors to specifically discuss and enjoy the hobby of collecting old-style records - it has steadily grown to reach for over 50,000 page views every day! In the process, we've become a popular resource for users to research record labels and past recording artists with extensive user-created discographies on a range of record labels, artists and record genres available. It is also a place to 'socialize' with other collectors using an interface similar to that used by FaceBook. It is free to join.

We're on Ello

We are no longer on FaceBook as it's becoming terribly cluttered and spammy. We are now on Ello - which is ad free and beautifully presents our work to others in a smart, clutter-free way. Our 78rpm Ello page can be accessed here.

We're on Twitter

Our Twitter page can be accessed here.

How does it work?

As with FaceBook - people can connect with friends, join discussion groups, participate in forums, add videos and upload out-of-copyright 78rpm mp3 files.

If you're new to this new way of discussing and interacting, firstly, signup for a free account. (The process takes less than 2 minutes). Secondly, check out your profile page to change settings or begin contributing. (Use the menu at the top right of the page to view your profile). Thirdly, return to the front page of the website.

On the home page of our site, users can view the latest discussions (the most current are at the top of the page - the least current at the bottom of the page). Clicking the VIEW MORE link at the bottom of the page will reveal the next ten most current discussions. You can continue to scan through the discussions by clicking on the VIEW MORE link more than once. When you find a discussion you like - contribute to it by clicking on the LIKE link or add your comments by clicking on the COMMENT link.

Can I upload videos, links and audio files?

Yes. When you are logged into the site - you can add files or links by clicking on the "POST SOMETHING..." box at the top of the front page of the website. When you do this, the comment box gives you the option of:
1. Adding a Photo
2. Adding a Link
3. Adding Music (or)
4. Adding Video

Follow the instructions for adding your content and then click on the SHARE button to save and display to other members of the group.