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Electrola 1928 to 1930

January 24, 2018
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A collection of Electrola leaflets (HMV in Germany) from 1928 to 1930. They are Jan-Sep 1928 issues, Oct 1928 (also listing Jul-Sep issues), Jan 1929 (also listing Oct-Dec 1928 issues), Feb 1930, April 1930 (also listing Jan-Mar 1930 issues), May 1930,  and August 1930. Note that the catalogue numbers are exactly the same as HMV German language series issues in other German speaking areas.

During World War 1, both German and British governments seized 'enemy assets'. Deutsche Grammophon, a subidiary of His Masters Voice, was taken over in Germany, and German labels in the Lindström group were taken over in Britain. After hostilities ceased, both HMV and Deutsche Grammophon claimed exclusive use of the 'Nipper' trademark in their own countries. The compromised reached was that HMV records were released in Germany under the Electrola label, and Deutsche Grammophon records were released in Britain under the Polydor label.