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Coolidge Quartet Discography

October 1, 2015
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Written by Bryan Bishop (Copyright - All rights reserved. No copying of any material from the 78rpm Discographer Magazine authorised or allowed)

Taken from the 78rpm Collectors' Community's, Discographer Magazine - Volume 2, No.6; June 2015

William Kroll, first violin
Nicolai Berezowsky, second violin
Nicholas Moldavan, viola
Victor Gottlieb, cello

These were the founding members of the Coolidge Quartet, which was founded in 1936 as the resident quartet of the Coolidge Foundation of the Library of Congress. Mrs. Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, the well- known patron of the arts who established the Coolidge Foundation, introduced the group in a 1936 radio broadcast with a speech:

“My pleasure is augmented by pride in the fact that these four young artists have chosen to call themselves ‘the Coolidge Quartet.’ No sweeter honor could befall me, because, to the high artistic esteem in which I hold them, I feel a real family relationship - stronger, perhaps, than some of those of blood. In adopting my name they seem almost to have become my adopted children.”

Mrs. Coolidge is said to have referred to the group, somewhat humorously, as “the four horsemen of the ApoCoolidge.”

The Coolidge Quartet was not the only group to be formed under Mrs. Coolidge’s aegis. Earlier ones had included the Berkshire String Quartet, founded in 1916, and the Elshuco Trio (its unusual name taken from the first syllables of Mrs. Coolidge’s names, i.e., ELizabeth SHUrtleff COolidge, Shurtleff being her husband’s middle name), founded in 1918. The Elshuco Trio made a handful of recordings for Brunswick in the early 1920s, mostly of salon pieces.