Scarmouche - Suite for Two Pianos - Milhaud

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    Review taken from the Gramophone Supplement - July 1950; page 3


    Milhaud: Scarmouche - Suite for Two Pianos (3 sides) & 
    Benjamin: Jamaican Rhumba and Mafiie Rag (1 side)
    Phyllis Sellick & Cyril Smith (duo-pianists)
    Two 12’ Columbia DX 1554/5 (Price complete - $3.14)


    "...Darius Milhaud's charming "Scaramouche" receives an idiomatic performance which has been stunningly recorded by English Columbia, Phyllis Sellick and Cyril Smily have both made solo records, but this is their first collaboration, which is very successful. There have been a few recordings of this work which have taken two sides. The present version, which takes three sides is slightly broader in conception, and may be highly recommended. On the final side, the pianists play Arthur Benjamin's Two Jamaican Street Songs, which are also well performed and recorded..."