GRUENBERG: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

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    Review taken from the Gramophone Supplement - January 1947; page 6


    GRUENBERG: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
    Jascha Heifetz (violin)
    San Francisco Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pierre Monfeux
    Four 12" 78rpm records (8 sides) in album - VM-1079
    Price complete with album $5.10 (Price as of January 1947. US dollars)


    For his first recording since his return to the Victor label, Jascha Heifetz performs the intricate and brilliant' Gruenberg Violin Concerto. This
    work, commissioned by the violinist, was completed in the summer of 1944 and was first performed the same year by the Philadelphia Orchestra, with Heifetz as soloist. As might be expected, the composer and violinist collaborated closely in working out the brilliant and difficult solo part.


    The rhapsodic slow movement incorporates several bars of two Negro spirituals, "O Holy Lord" and "Master Jesus." Mr. Gruenberg has skillfully injected the infectious atmospheres of a hillbilly fiddler, a barn dance and a revival meeting in the lively lat movement.


    The recording is full-bodied and clean and the balance between the solo instruments and the orchestra is very realistic. Mr. Heifetz plays the
    difficult solo part with grace and fine spirit All in all, this is a very worth-while addition to the list of American scores now available on records.